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Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat? Why Low-Fat Bison Meat is theBodybuilder’s New Best Friend

This piece is guest authored by Eve Pearce. Eve has worked as a nutritionist with a degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences. She is now a freelance writer covering topics including health research, green food production, family nutrition and health, living with conditions and health education.

Some people find it relatively easy to build muscle, while others may work away at the gym for weeks or months before seeing results. With dedication, however, they too find themselves with increased strength and start to see the difference improved muscle tone and bulk can make to their bodies. Sessions on the lateral raise machine and the leg press are only part of what it takes for the body to build muscle, however. It is equally important to provide the body with the nutrients it requires to do so. Being low in fat, bison meat is a hot topic of conversation at gyms around the country and is gaining popularity as a valuable protein source for people seeking to improve their physique in a heal…

Bison: A Super Food for a Super Healthy Life

This piece is guest authored by Eve Pearce. Eve has worked as a nutritionist with a degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences. She is now a freelance writer covering topics including health research, green food production, family nutrition and health, living with conditions and health education.

While chicken is a common staple of many healthy eating diets, lots of people don’t realize that chicken and fish aren’t the only paths to a lean and healthy body. Bison meat is actually a super food that is incredibly rich in protein and nutrients including iron and zinc. Believe it or not, bison actually contains less fat, fewer calories, and lower levels of cholesterol than pork, beef, and chicken.  The American Dietetic Association reports that bison is not only an excellent source of protein, but is also rich in iron, zinc, and vitamin B-12. Zinc is known for the vital role it plays in supporting our immune system, healing wounds, and fostering muscle and tissue growth while vitamin B-12 sup…

3 Reasons Why I Eat Bison Meat on a Regular Basis

I'm a Midwestern girl, raised on red meat and good tasting suppers. My mother is a fantastic cook (and thankfully she taught me) and there was never any shortage of good tasting food on my plate. I know what kind of foods I like and I know how I like them cooked. So I can be a little slow to branch out towards new foods.

But branching out and discovering new foods has been one of the best parts of my post college life - experiencing new foods that never made it onto my plate when I lived at home.

What does Responsibly Ranch Raised Mean to you?

Ever since we opened our virtual doors at, we have promoted and branded our bison meat as "all natural". Recently however, it occurred to us that "all natural" is pretty vague and doesn't really detail the care and love that goes into our process to bring you the very best bison meat. It doesn't provide you with a clear and concise statement about what we mean when we say things like "all natural".

We understand that you want to know where your food comes from and want to feel good about buying and eating it, which is why we are no longer going to be calling our bison meat "all natural". It's just to vague. From here on out, we'll be going with "Responsibly Ranch Raised" and telling you (and the rest of the world) exactly what that means.

12 Great Recipes for Cooking Ground Bison Meat

Ground Bison Burger is popular for many reasons. It's a healthy option, low in fat, calories and cholesterol and high in protein and iron. Bison meat is all natural - bison are raised without hormones, antibiotics and steroids and are minimally handled throughout their lifetime. However, a lot of times, you may not think about using bison in recipes other than bison burgers. So, here's a list to get you started with some great ideas of how to cook ground bison meat.

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1. Grilled Bison Pizza  Top your next homemade pizza with some ground bison meat to add a rich, meaty flavor to your slice. Or, do one better and try out this recipe for grilled bison pizza with red onion and basil. The pizza cooks very quickly and entirely over the grill. It's easy to prepare and assemble and very enjoyable to eat!

2. Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Burgers This just may become one of your favorite ways to top a …

Product Spotlight: Gourmet Bison Short Ribs

The Bison Short Rib: a tender cut of on-the-bone meat that can be slow cooked all day long or placed on the grill for a delicious dinner.

The bison short rib is a fall favorite and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Check out these two recipes for bison short ribs:

Bison Short Ribs (slow cooker method)
Grilled Bison Short Ribs with Honey BBQ Glaze

At, we sell Gourmet Bison Short Ribs in 4 lb. boxes. This gives you 4 racks of 3 short ribs which you are then able to prepare to your liking. Bison Short Ribs make excellent gifts and are also great for tailgating, BBQs and slow cooked dinners with family!

Have you tried Bison Short Ribs? What did you think about them? What's your favorite way to cook them?

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10 Awesome Tailgate Recipes using Lean Bison Meat

Fall is just around the corner, bringing us to tailgating season which can often be synonymous with burgers, hot dogs and chili while cheering on our favorite teams. Let me assure you, coming from the Husker state, we know a little bit about tailgating! But just because it's tailgating season, doesn't necessarily mean you have to sacrifice healthy choices. I have compiled a list of 10 great Game Day recipes - whether you plan to be tailgating in the stadium parking lot or enjoying food, friends and football in the comfort of your home, we've got some recipes sure to please the fans made with lean bison meat that you can feel good about serving!

31 Days of Bison Week 1 Wrap Up


31 Days of Bison Recipes in July!

The National Bison Association promotes each July as an opportunity for bison producers across the nation to promote the awesome taste and nutritional benefits of bison meat as a summer grilling alternative. So here we are with July just around the corner, and here at, we have something BIG in store for you!

A Photo Shoot at the Missouri Bison Ranch

A couple weekends ago, I ventured back to our Missouri Ranch, for an early summer visit, this time  our photographer, Nate, joined me for the trip as well. This trip was a major difference from my last visit with the unexpected snowfall.

The Missouri ranch is located in Southern Missouri and covers nearly 2.5 square miles. There is so much land to explore and wildlife to see. While this trip's primary purpose was for taking photos, we got to experience quite a weekend trip. Touring the whole ranch took the entire weekend - we could have stayed even longer and seen even more.

The Process of Making the Perfect Bison Hot Dog (AKA... sorry it tookso long!)

Today we are ready to unveil a product to you which has taken us years of research, testing, tasting, anticipation, disappointment - and finally SUCCESS.

We've seen you searching for hot dogs on our site, we've talked to you on the phone, promising that we were working on Hot Dogs, but just not there yet. Today I am so excited to tell you that finally - finally we are ready to offer you BISON HOT DOGS!

Impact of Bison on the Environment

For hundreds of years, the American Bison lived on the grasslands of North America, creating a perfect relationship between the natural environment and the wildlife. For years, the survival of the grasslands and the survival of bison have coexisted.

Introducing the Missouri Bison Ranch

In Southern Missouri – about 20 miles south of Springfield – past winding, gravel/dirt roads, if you know where to look you’ll find a quite sizeable bison ranch. It’s full of hills and trees, boasts a large fishing pond and 4 caves. This ranch is the newest addition to the operation – one which ensures that owners Randy and Jane are able to continue supplying more bison meat than ever before, all over the country.

Randy and Jane purchased this ranch last summer – with the sights to turn it into a thriving bison ranch. Bison were brought into the pastures just this past fall and I was finally able to get down for a visit this month and the landscape was truly incredible!

It’s important to note that this ranch is not a partner ranch to the operation – it is owned by Randy and Jane – who now split their time between the two ranches and is managed on a daily basis by their trusted ranch manager, Andy. Randy and Jane continue to take an active and hands …

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