In Southern Missouri – about 20 miles south of Springfield – past winding, gravel/dirt roads, if you know where to look you’ll find a quite sizeable bison ranch. It’s full of hills and trees, boasts a large fishing pond and 4 caves. This ranch is the newest addition to the operation – one which ensures that owners Randy and Jane are able to continue supplying more bison meat than ever before, all over the country.


Bison Herd

Randy and Jane purchased this ranch last summer – with the sights to turn it into a thriving bison ranch. Bison were brought into the pastures just this past fall and I was finally able to get down for a visit this month and the landscape was truly incredible!

It’s important to note that this ranch is not a partner ranch to the operation – it is owned by Randy and Jane – who now split their time between the two ranches and is managed on a daily basis by their trusted ranch manager, Andy. Randy and Jane continue to take an active and hands on approach in the day-to-day operations of both ranches and raising of the bison herds (with herds in both locations). The Millers’ process for raising bison is held to the highest values and standards – it’s a tried and true method, which ensures the top-quality and best tasting bison meat available. Adding this second ranch ensures that the meat Randy and Jane send out through comes from bison raised according to this strict principle. Now more than ever, we are getting closer and closer to our goal of being able to manage our bison from birth to plate.

The landscape of the Missouri Ranch is perfect for bison ranching. It’s full of natural grassland, open pastures and hills. The bison have so much room available to them to roam and grow.

But this Missouri Ranch is not only home to bison – in fact there are deer, turkey and even bears that roam areas of the spacious land. With a cozy guest cabin on site – Andy has set the ranch up for limited fair-chase deer, turkey and bison hunting throughout the year (according to Missouri Hunting Seasons).

With the size and scope of this ranch – it opens up so many exciting opportunities for us – opening up the ranch for tours, providing educational tours about the impact and importance of bison to the environment.

To keep up to date on the going-ons of the Missouri bison ranch, I invite you to follow our Ranch Manager’s blog about Life on a Bison Ranch.