Today we are ready to unveil a product to you which has taken us years of research, testing, tasting, anticipation, disappointment – and finally SUCCESS.

We’ve seen you searching for hot dogs on our site, we’ve talked to you on the phone, promising that we were working on Hot Dogs, but just not there yet. Today I am so excited to tell you that finally – finally we are ready to offer you BISON HOT DOGS!

Bison Hot Dogs

We started this process shortly after we opened up our online shop back in July of 2011. We knew an all natural bison hot dog was the logical next step – and it was something that the company has even produced before. Unfortunately that was years and years ago and the recipe was attached to a company that was sold once, and sold again and the recipe – which lives like a legend – was nowhere to be found.

We went down a few different avenues in our process of finding the perfect hot dog. We decided to begin by trying out a bison hot dog which we had heard great things about. It was 100% bison, and all the leg work was already done. Already, we knew this hot dog would have a downside to us though – it wouldn’t necessarily be coming from our animals. We try to use our animals as often as possible and setting up a scenario where an entire product line would come from partner ranches is a big down side. Nevertheless – it was a start (of what turned out to be a LONG process.) We tried the hot dogs and they tasted great. However, in working with them more and more, we quickly discovered that this hot dog was way to easy to overcook – and once it was over cooked, it was ruined. So, we moved along.

We talked with our processor, who said an all bison hot dog couldn’t be done, bison just don’t have enough fat. He said the only way he would be able to do it would be to add in some beef. But that wasn’t good enough for us, so we kept on looking. Years ago, Randy had partnered with some processors to develop a hot dog which had since gone out of production – the company producing it had been bought on a couple separate occasions. But Randy believed that hot dog was an all bison dog. It was also legend. People still ask Randy about it occasionally, and tell him if it ever comes back – they want some. It was a good hot dog.

So, Randy’s next step was to make some calls and see if we couldn’t track down the old recipe. As luck would have it, we were put into contact with a guy who employed someone who used to process those dogs at a previous employer. Even luckier, he was of the old-fashioned sort, and keeps recipes in his head! It was a break through! Immediately, we commissioned a test run to see if this was the hot dog everyone remembered – we felt we were finally getting close!

The test run came in however and we were a bit disappointed. Not only were these bison/beef hot dogs, they didn’t have the same, great taste everyone remembered. So it was back to the drawing board.

We were then approached by a partner ranch which knew we’d been working on these bison hot dogs. They said they had one that was 100% bison, all natural and very good. They wanted us to try them. And they were right, these hot dogs were delicious, and they didn’t have the same problem with overcooking. But that still didn’t solve our problem with the product not coming from our animals.

So we kept working. Luckily, however, we were now set up with a processor who was anxious to get us the perfect bison hot dog. He showed us a product he worked on for an all natural beef hot dog. We gave it a try, and it had great flavor. He wanted to try it with 100% bison. We said OK, and commissioned another test run.

After that, we KNEW we had the right hot dog – and from there it was just the easy stuff we had to worry about – stuff like package size and labeling. But finally, we had it – a bison hot dog that we are so excited to bring to you!

Want to give them a try? Believe me – they are awesome! Click here to buy bison hot dogs.