The National Bison Association promotes each July as an opportunity for bison producers across the nation to promote the awesome taste and nutritional benefits of bison meat as a summer grilling alternative. So here we are with July just around the corner, and here at, we have something BIG in store for you!

It’s my pleasure and excitement to announce 31 Days of Bison. As the Marketing Director for, I am going to be taking on this challenge (along with our photographer) of creating, documenting, tasting and posting online 31 BRAND NEW bison meat recipes this month – one for each day!

These recipes will be using most of the cuts available on our site, so, a variety of bison steaks, ground bison, roasts, short ribs, pastrami, hot dogs & more! I’m not going to give too much away, because I want the recipes to be a surprise – but… I’ll give you a little sneak peak. Just a few of the recipes you can expect will include: Bison Stuffed Peppers, Spicy Bison Burgers, BBQ Bison Steak Salad and Reuben Crescent Roll Appetizers.

I’m very excited to go on this ‘bison meat journey’, if you will, to bring you more cooking ideas and recipes for using bison meat. In the last few years I’ve started branching out in my cooking habits, trying new things and looking for new ways to make my meals healthier and tastier. and adding bison meat into my diet has been a big part of that. I can tell you that as a ‘Plain Jane’, some of these recipes are well outside my standard wheelhouse – but I’m so excited to try them and share them with you!

To see our recipes each day, just visit We’ll be posting the recipes there along with photos of each dish, weekly blog posts and occasional videos. You should also probably give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram where we’ll also be posting our dishes all month long!

It’s my goal to help all bison meat lovers find new ways to cook bison meat and incorporate this healthy meat into their diet with a wide variety of options! I can promise that there will be a wide array of meals and appetizers, spanning a wide variety of flavors and tastes. I hope you’ll follow us along on this journey by taking a look at our recipe each day, commenting on it and trying out any recipes that you think look delicious!

See you July 1 with Recipe #1!