The Bison Short Rib: a tender cut of on-the-bone meat that can be slow cooked all day long or placed on the grill for a delicious dinner.

Bison Short Ribs

The bison short rib is a fall favorite and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Check out these two recipes for bison short ribs:

Bison Short Ribs (slow cooker method)
Grilled Bison Short Ribs with Honey BBQ Glaze

At, we sell Gourmet Bison Short Ribs in 4 lb. boxes. This gives you 4 racks of 3 short ribs which you are then able to prepare to your liking. Bison Short Ribs make excellent gifts and are also great for tailgating, BBQs and slow cooked dinners with family!

Have you tried Bison Short Ribs? What did you think about them? What’s your favorite way to cook them?