I’m a Midwestern girl, raised on red meat and good tasting suppers. My mother is a fantastic cook (and thankfully she taught me) and there was never any shortage of good tasting food on my plate. I know what kind of foods I like and I know how I like them cooked. So I can be a little slow to branch out towards new foods.

But branching out and discovering new foods has been one of the best parts of my post college life – experiencing new foods that never made it onto my plate when I lived at home.

I worked for Randy and Jane Miller before I ever knew they owned a bison ranch and before NebraskaBison.com began selling bison meat across the country. When they told me they wanted to start marketing their bison meat product and took me out to try my first bison burger, I was more than a little nervous. But I sucked up my fears and ate that (delicious) bison burger – and let me tell you the three reasons I choose to continue eating bison meat in my own home on a regular basis.

1.) This is the most important reason for me, I eat bison meat because it tastes really good. I only cook foods I like because I enjoy looking forward to dinner time and having a wonderful meal that tastes good. Every Bison burger I eat at home seems even better than the last. A lot of people expect them to taste gamey, however I can say that our bison does not. But burger isn’t the only bison meat that tastes great. After my first bison steak (a ribeye), I put down my fork and seriously said ‘Now this is what steak is supposed to taste like.’

Bison Burgers

Bison meat from roasts, to steaks and burgers is tender, juicy and flavorful. It’s slightly sweeter than beef, giving it a wonderfully rich meaty flavor.

2.) I feel good about serving bison meat on a regular basis because I know that it is a healthier meat. It is incredibly lean and low in fat. Plus, I know that our bison meat never has any fillers or chemicals added in and that the animals were raised without antibiotics, hormones or steroids.

Bison meat is full of protein to build muscle with very little fat. Of course, the leanness of the meat depends on the cut. A ribeye steak will have more fat than a sirloin steak, but will also be more tender and juicy.

3.) The third reason I eat bison meat is because I know it comes from a good source and a family owned ranch operation. Randy and Jane genuinely care about their bison herd, treating the herd humanely and with respect.

The animals are Responsibly Ranch Raised, without hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Randy and Jane are conscious of their impact on the environment and work hard to keep their land and operation sustainable.

Bison Herd

All three of these reasons let me be proud serving a bison meat dish with my family or friends, and so far, no one has been left disappointed.

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