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Gain Muscle Without Gaining Fat? Why Low-Fat Bison Meat is theBodybuilder’s New Best Friend

This piece is guest authored by Eve Pearce. Eve has worked as a nutritionist with a degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences. She is now a freelance writer covering topics including health research, green food production, family nutrition and health, living with conditions and health education.

Some people find it relatively easy to build muscle, while others may work away at the gym for weeks or months before seeing results. With dedication, however, they too find themselves with increased strength and start to see the difference improved muscle tone and bulk can make to their bodies. Sessions on the lateral raise machine and the leg press are only part of what it takes for the body to build muscle, however. It is equally important to provide the body with the nutrients it requires to do so. Being low in fat, bison meat is a hot topic of conversation at gyms around the country and is gaining popularity as a valuable protein source for people seeking to improve their physique in a heal…

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