It’s no secret that bison meat is lean, low in fat, calories and cholesterol while high in protein and iron. When you add that to the fact that bison meat is Responsibly Ranch Raised (no steroids, antibiotics or hormones and humane treatment of the animals), you know that eating bison meat is a win / win.

We’re at the time of year, where many people are reflecting over the past year and looking forward towards 2014 and their goals for the coming year. If, like many people, you’re looking for a healthier diet and looking to lose a few pounds or build some muscle in 2014, bison meat may be a good choice for helping you meet your goals. bison meat is here to help you work towards your goals with 5 ways to enjoy bison meat for a healthier 2014.

1. Build your meal around the vegetables. One good way to make your meals healthier is to center the meal around the vegetables. Make a dish that incorporates a large portion of vegetables into the meal, and use a lean bison steak or leftover bison roast to satisfy your red meat or protein cravings.

Bison Steak & Pasta

We have a number of recipes which utilize this strategy available in our collection. A few which I would point out would be:

Bison Steak & Vegetable Stir Fry

Bison Steak with Penne Pasta & Vegetables

Bison Kabobs with Stew Meat

2. Add Avocado. Avocado is commonly referred to as a “superfood” and it adds a great flavor when combined with bison. Consider adding lightly salted avocado spread (perhaps with chopped onions and lime juice) to your next bison burger or bison hot dog, instead of other high calorie sauces or seasonings.

3. Substitute bison in your favorite recipes. Bison can be used as a lean meat substitute in just about any recipe you’d like. For instance, my favorite meals are Mexican dishes: tacos, taco salads, enchiladas, fajitas, etc. When I make these meals I use lean ground bison or bison steaks as my meat source. The only thing you’ll need to keep in mind is bison needs to be cooked low and slow. Check out my recipe for Bison Enchiladas.

Bison Tacos

Perhaps you love hot dogs – we even have a bison substitute for those! Our bison hot dogs are made with 100% bison, gluten free, with no nitrates or nitrites. They’re still a hot dog, so they are higher in fat than our other cuts of bison. But if you love hot dogs and enjoy eating them every once in awhile, our Bison Hot Dogs are a great substitute. Let me also mention, they have an amazing, juicy taste!

4. Cut back on the salt. Bison has a rich, sweet flavor and doesn’t need much salt (if any) to enhance the flavor. In fact, if you use too much salt, you’ll dry out the bison and it will lose it’s delicious taste. I still like to use a little salt on my bison burgers, steaks and roasts – I actually like to use the Bison Steak & Burger Seasoning most of the time. But I definitely recommend going light on your salt and seasoning!

5. Snack Smart. Unhealthy snacking can be one of the biggest challenges for those looking to maintain a healthy diet. Consider Smoked Bison Jerky (original & cowboy style). Our jerky is made with 100% bison and is full of protein. Eat a small serving when you feel the urge for a snack and keep the rest in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator until you’re ready for the rest.

Get more bison meat recipes and cooking tips.

Are you ready to use bison meat in more of your meals as you work towards a healthy 2014? Consider starting with our New Year Bison Meat Starter Package.

* Please be aware: I am not, nor do I claim to be a nutritionist, doctor or dietitian. The above tips reflect my own personal opinions and are tips that I use in my own kitchen which seem to work well for my family.