As bison meat becomes more and more popular and more and more producers begin to enter the arena, you may see more outlets becoming available for buying bison meat.

So what makes our bison meat, in my humble opinion, the best bison meat?


1. Our bison meat is Responsibly Ranch Raised.

There are lots of ways to refer to the process and finished meat product. Some you may have heard are “all natural” or “organic”. But these terms can be vague and misleading, and while they certainly sound positive (and usually probably are) they can mean different things to different people, particularly “all natural” since there is no regulation to that claim. So we created our own term: Responsibly Ranch Raised and our own definition to what that means for us. You can read our entire Responsibly Ranch Raised definition, but I’ll summarize it for you as well.

Responsibly Ranch Raised Bison

It means that we don’t use antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids or fillers. It means we care about our animals and treat them humanely and with respect, allowing them to live their lives with minimal handling. It means we care about our land and use it responsibly, creating a sustainable operation for many years to come. Ultimately, it means everything we do, makes it so that we can be proud to serve our 100% real bison product to our customers and to our families.

2. Our owners care about their process, their animals and their land.

Randy with Bison

Randy and Jane Miller own two ranches, one in Nebraska and one in Missouri and they split their time between the two. They live on their ranches and take a very hands on approach with the management of the land and the herd. Randy has been in the bison business since he bought his first heifer calves in the early nineties and has been growing the herd and the operation since that time. The Millers continue to live on their bison ranch and take care of their animals because it is what they love to do. Want to hear them talk? Watch our Introduction Video and see Randy and Jane in (as close as we can get you to over the internet) real life:

3. It’s the meat we put on our own tables and share those we love.

We are so proud of the meat which Randy and Jane raise that it’s the meat we serve to our own families night after night, for parties and special occasions. Every Christmas, Jane prepares a Bison Prime Rib Roast to the delight of her family.

When I host parties in my home, I serve up bison whenever I can, to the delight of my guests. I love showing off it’s wonderful flavor and the creative ways that it can be prepared and served. I always love seeing their reactions when I tell them that I’m serving bison. Those who’ve had it before get excited and do not pass up the invitation. Those who I get to serve it to for the first time have the best reactions, however, and cannot believe how great it tastes. At Christmastime, we even give steaks as gifts to our friends and family.

But above all, I love that it sparks questions about bison meat and about our operation. Because there’s nothing shameful in the way the bison are raised, nor in the final product. We eat bison whenever we can, because, it’s one food I can definitely feel good about serving, eating and sharing.

4. We DO NOT use hormones, antibiotics, steroids, chemical fillers – basically none of the bad stuff you don’t want.

I touched on this above in the Responsibly Ranch Raised section, but it’s worth noting again in its own section, because it is so important. When you buy bison meat, you can rest easy knowing that it is 100% REAL bison meat.

Additionally, NONE of our products are mixed with other animal meat — not even our 100% Bison Hot Dogs.

5. Our Bison Steaks are DRY AGED.

Many of the points I’ve made so far could be said about a lot of other bison operations, I imagine. However in this point, I’m fairly certain, we are UNIQUE. We are Midwestern, Nebraskan folks, who above all else want to put good, quality meat on our tables. That is why we go another step above and beyond most other MEAT producers by Dry Aging our bison steaks, bison roasts and other bison prime cuts.

Dry Aged NY Strip

The Dry Aging process used to be the norm at corner butcher shops in America, however as the meat business grew, dry aging has become somewhat of a lost art in the meat industry. The Dry Aging process takes a minimum of 14 days, where the meat is able to hang in a refrigerated cooler, allowing the natural enzymes to break down tissue in the muscle, tenderizing the meat and causing moisture to evaporate, creating much greater flavor.

What this means is dry aging increases the flavor and tenderness of the final meat product. We know that the taste of a dry aged cut of meat simply cannot be matched and that is why all of our bison steaks, ribs and roasts are dry aged to perfection!

6. We have a wide selection of many different bison meat cuts and options.

We do what we can to stay ahead of the curve and bring you all your favorite cuts and options of the best quality bison meat. We know that variety is important and you utilize different cuts of meat based on the occasion. We want to be able to provide you with all meat you need for special occasions, family dinners and just any old Tuesday. That’s why we regularly keep in stock everything from the popular and exquisite Bison Filet Mignon as well as other tender bison steaks, bison roasts, bison burger, bison short ribs, bison prime rib, and even exclusive items such as our Gourmet Bison Pastrami, Gourmet Bison Franks and our Steak & Burger Seasoning.

Gourmet Bison Franks

We work very hard year round to make sure we can keep all of our products in stock and not keep you waiting for the bison meat you love. In the rare case that we do run to back order on a product, we try to keep the wait time minimal and get the product back in stock as quickly as possible.

So, we truly have something that will delight whatever your meat preference is. We even have Extra-Thick cut Bison Ribeye Steaks for those looking for a really thick (1 1/2″ that is) cut steak.

7. It tastes really good.

All of the points above are very important, but it wouldn’t be the same if our product didn’t taste excellent. When Randy set out to create the program, his goal was to create the best quality bison meat available on the market. People are still surprised at how good bison meat can taste. Our bison meat does not taste gamey, as some people assume and it truly is a delight to eat. I enjoy receiving positive feedback from our customers on a regular basis, whether it’s taking the time to give us a phone call, sending us an email or simply by re-ordering. When it truly comes down to it, consistency and quality in taste are what keeps our customers coming back to us again and again.

And while I may not the most un-biased source, I can honestly and sincerely say (and I often do!) that I have had the best burgers, hot dogs and steaks of my life from!

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead, give our online bison meat shop a visit and give your favorite bison (or meat) cut a try! You may have noticed there’s a short form you can fill out near the top of this screen. You’ll join our email club and get a one-time 10% discount, just for signing up. You might also notice the tabs on the right, you can use those to get started browsing our selection. Not sure what you want? That’s OK too. You can give us a call at 888-665-8757 and I’ll be happy to tell you more about our products and help you find what you’re looking for.

Once you give it a try, be sure and let us know what you think. We’ll look forward to hearing from you!