Shortly before 2014 hit, I published a blog post entitled 5 Ways to Enjoy Bison Meat for a Healthier 2014. In this blog post, I challenged readers to take a look at their own eating habits and diets, and offered a few pointers (five to be exact) of how you can work towards better eating habits while incorporating bison into your diet.

Avocado Bison Burger

For a full explanation and write-up of my suggestions, read the full post. However, I’ll offer you a “headline recap” below.

1. Build your meal around the vegetables – add small amounts of bison for a filling protein.

2. Add avocado instead of high calorie sauces and seasonings.

3. Substitute bison meat as a lean meat choice in your favorite recipes.

4. Cut back on the salt – bison doesn’t need much (or any!) anyways.

5. Snack smart – consider a small serving of protein to tide you over between meals… Bison Jerky anyone?

So, now that we’re nearly through the first month, I’d like to know… how are you doing on your eating goals this year? Have you used any of my five tips or found them helpful? What other ideas or tips are you using in your own life to create a healthier diet and lifestyle for yourself and your family?

* Please be aware: I am not, nor do I claim to be a nutritionist, doctor or dietitian. The above tips reflect my own personal opinions and are tips that I use in my own kitchen which seem to work well for my family.