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5 Amazing Bison Steak Recipes for your Valentine's Day Dinner

Going out for Valentine's Day can be busy and hectic -- if you are even able to get a table or reservation. Why not try one of these awesome Bison Steak recipes for a meal you'll both love and enjoy. Pair your steak with a glass of red wine and one or two of your favorite side dishes (and don't forget dessert!) for a Valentine's Day treat. (Click the photos to be taken to each recipe.)

1. Herb Crusted Bison Filet Mignon

A Bison Filet Mignon will taste great with even little to no seasoning, but consider trying this recipe which has you rub rosemary, basil, sage, salt and pepper onto your filet prior to cooking.

Filet Mignon

2. Bison NY Strip with Rosemary and Lemon Marinade

Bison NY Strip

This delicious recipe uses the popular NY Strip Steak and blends the flavors of rosemary and lemon for a delicious marinade. The twist on this recipe is that you marinade the steaks AFTER you cook them.

3. Bison Sirloin Steak with Balsamic and Honey Glaze

Bison Top Sirloin

This delicious marinade lends great flavor to your Bison Top Sirloin. The sirloin won't be the most tender bison steak you can get, but it will have wonderful flavor -- especially when prepared with this glaze.

4. Bison Ribeye Steaks with Gorgonzola Butter & Rosemary

Bison Ribeye

This simple recipe will let the flavor of your Bison Ribeye (my personal steak favorite) shine! Simply make your Gorgonzola & Rosemary butter the night before, cook up your steaks and serve. The subtle rosemary butter flavor will certainly add to your enjoyment of the bison steak without stealing the show!

5. Bison NY Strip Steaks with Red Wine & Shallot Sauce

The red wine and shallots give the popular Bison NY Strip a pleasing sauce in this recipe. It's a fairly easy recipe to prepare and one that will surely impress!

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