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Meet a new Low-Fat / High Protein Food: Bison Meat

Yes, that bison... the one you might initially think of as "buffalo", the one that freely roamed the American plains for thousands of years and is considered a staple of American Folklore and history.

But what you may not know is bison is quietly stampeding into the meat market through online retailers and grocery stores as a lean, high protein red meat option (which just so happens to be rich in a sweet, wonderful flavor!)
Bison Meat: Low in Fat, High in Protein
Lean bison meat contains only 2.42 g. of fat per 100 g. serving. This compares to 18.54 g. of fat per 100 g. serving of Choice Beef. This decrease in fat, translates to an increase in grams of protein. That same 100 g. serving of lean bison contains 28.44 g. of Protein while the serving of beef contains 27.21 g. (Source: The National Bison Association)

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