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A new, lean protein perfect for grilling

Whether it's a backyard BBQ, a parking lot tailgate party or just a beautiful day spent at a park, grilling dinner is a wonderful way to spend time with friends, family or neighbors while preparing a healthful and delicious meal.

One of the great things about grilling is that it can make dinner a social event. Friends and family members can gather around the grill, watch their meat being cooked and play games or have conversations before, during and after grilling time is over... and that doesn't even begin to cover the awesomeness of making your whole neighborhood smell of awesome BBQ all afternoon or evening.

At the same time, a good afternoon of grilling is about so much more than spending time with friends, family and neighbors; it's of course, just as much about the food you're cooking.

If you don't already know about bison, or if you haven't yet tried it... allow me to introduce you.

8 Ways to Cook / Eat a Bison Burger

If you ask me, a meal cannot get much better than a big, juicy burger. I used to love going to restaurants where I could order a nice, juicy cheeseburger. But let me share a secret with you... anymore, I've learned how to make even better burgers in my own home and I have yet to find a restaurant who can beat me. My secret... Bison Meat. (And also, this helpful graphic for How to Make a Gourmet Bison Burger)

While I love a classic cheeseburger, made with good meat, a little seasoning and just a bit of ketchup, there is a whole world of possibilities when it comes to making an amazing bison burger. I've collected some of my favorite ideas and recipes for you here. Give them a try,  and let me know what you think!

REMEMBER! When making a bison burger, the key is not to cook it too fast or too long. Aim for medium or medium rare. If you go to well-done or medium well, your burger will probably be chewy and lose a lot of it's good flavor and juiciness.

1. Sun Dried Tomato &…

The Steak Lover's Bison Meat

You already know that bison meat is the better red meat, because it's high in protein and low in fat. But what makes the best choice for your bison? is the Steak Lover's Bison. Our meat is the best tasting, best quality bison on the market. If you're looking for restaurant quality burgers, steaks, prime rib and so much more, you're in the right place! We'll even help you cook them with our helpful bison recipe section.

We want to provide you with the most tender, most flavorful bison meat, and to do that we follow a strict and unique process unmatched in the industry. Why do we do this? Because we know what a GREAT steak tastes like.

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