You already know that bison meat is the better red meat, because it’s high in protein and low in fat. But what makes the best choice for your bison?


The Steak Lover's Bison Meat is the Steak Lover’s Bison. Our meat is the best tasting, best quality bison on the market. If you’re looking for restaurant quality burgers, steaks, prime rib and so much more, you’re in the right place! We’ll even help you cook them with our helpful bison recipe section. 

We want to provide you with the most tender, most flavorful bison meat, and to do that we follow a strict and unique process unmatched in the industry. Why do we do this? Because we know what a GREAT steak tastes like.

The meat we share with our customers across the country is the same meat we put on our own tables night after night.

At our process starts with two owners, Randy and Jane Miller, who care about their land and their animals. Randy and Jane treat their animals (and their land) respectfully everyday. Randy and Jane’s care and respect for their animals, their land and their product has led to their Responsibly Ranch Raised promise, a statement of the high standards Randy and Jane abide by in raising their bison. Among other things, the Responsibly Ranch Raised promise includes raising bison without the use of steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones, treating their herd humanely and with respect and minimal handling of the bison herd.

Randy Miller with Herd

Finally, every product we sell online must pass the “taste test”. We personally try each and every product we commit to selling online (we may have let our pup taste test the dog treats) and if it doesn’t taste great, we don’t sell it.

We know what a GREAT steak tastes like. Do you?