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Saturdays Selling Bison Meat at the Farmers' Markets

I've got some great news for our local fans! This summer our team has entered into a new realm – the world of Farmers' Markets.

We're very lucky that our two ranches are both nearby GREAT farmers market communities: The Haymarket Farmers' Market in Lincoln, Nebraska and the Farmers Market of the Ozarks in Springfield, Missouri.

Haymarket Farmer's Market (Lincoln, NE)

The Haymarket is a district in downtown Lincoln which has grown exponentially over the past couple of years, and it's only 30 miles from the ranch in Adams! The city has heavily invested in the area by adding a sports/concert arena which has led to new housing, retail and restaurant developments all over the area. It was incredible to watch the transformation, and the Haymarket is now the go-to place in Lincoln.

Calving Season on the Ranch

I spent the past week at our Missouri Ranch location (Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch). If you're familiar with our operation, you may know that the owners of own and operate two separate ranch locations–the home ranch in Adams, Nebraska where the business began, and a second ranch near Springfield, Missouri which has allowed Randy and Jane to expand their operation and their herd.

Last week our Missouri ranch location was the site of a ranch tour for bison producers from all around the United States and Canada as part of the National Bison Association's Summer Bison Conference, so I was able to spend some time down at the ranch as everyone got ready for the company.

Lucky for me, the summer conference coincided with calf season here at our ranch. I've worked for Randy and Jane for four years now and this is the first time I've had the opportunity to be around when calves are getting ready to come.

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