September is here… and it’s probably my favorite month. The weather is cooling down, sweatshirts and long sleeved shirts make their way to the front of the closet, the grill stays lit and it’s just not quite time for winter coats yet. It’s the time of year when my favorite foods start cooking and smelling up the house with aromas that I look forward to all year. Chili. Salsa. Pumpkin Bars. Banana Bread. And around the country, especially here in Nebraska, we have another reason we all look forward to fall: Football.

In my house, and I know in many other houses across the country, food and football go hand in hand. There are certain foods I will always associate with “Gameday” that span beyond the typical go-to’s like chicken wings. College football kicked off last week (and I’m pleased to report our Nebraska Huskers pulled out a great win!) and the NFL season kicks off tonight. And I know that means people across the country are lighting up tailgates this weekend and cooking/grilling up in preparation for cheering on their team.

So, I though this would be a great time to share with you some of my favorite tailgating tips for those who will be pre-gaming in parking lots this weekend. Be sure to stay tuned next week for my post on my favorite Gameday recipes for fans who celebrate and cheer from home!

Pre-gaming with bison: An American Meat

Last year I got a few phone calls throughout the season when a team was getting ready to play the Buffalo Bills or the Colorado Buffaloes from tailgaters who wanted to eat buffalo meat during their tailgates. A clever bit of fandom, for sure! But let me assure you, putting some lean bison meat on that grill is a great idea no matter who the week’s foe is.

Bison meat is low in fat, but high in protein: a perfect choice to fill you with energy to last you throughout the game without weighing you down. Plus it tastes great, slightly sweet with a rich flavor… any friends passing by your grill to share a burger or hot dog will surely be impressed with your grilling know-how!

If you’re going to tailgate, do it right with a meat that is of superior taste and quality!

Bison Hot Dogs Tailgate

Stacy’s tips for your tailgate

1. Bring enough meat! Nobody wants to run out of burgers or hot dogs before it’s time to head into the stadium. Make sure you bring enough for your entire group, plus some extra. You know there’s always going to be somebody who stops by that you weren’t planning on, that you’ll want to share a burger with.

2. Make sure you have a cooler for your meat. If you end up with extra meat, having a cooler to store it in during the game will make sure you can take it home to enjoy next week!

3. Take it past just burgers and hot dogs. BBQ Bison Sandwiches are another easy choice (just put it in a crockpot before you leave home, heat it up and it’s ready to go.), and Jerky is always a great snack to pass around.

4. Don’t forget the buns!

5. Standard condiments that are easy to transport might include: pickles, ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, chopped onions. Don’t forget to pack along some plastic silverware for serving.

6. You are outside and presumably enjoying some adult beverages. Probably plan for a couple drops… especially with hot dogs.

7. Form your patties and season them ahead of time. Then the seasoning is one less thing you have to remember and one less thing you have to do!

8. Enjoy! Do as much of the prep work ahead of time as possible, so that once you pitch that tent and light that grill, all you have to worry about is grilling those burgers and enjoying the day!

Bison Burgers Tailgate

Getting the right meat for your tailgate

Getting the meat you need is easy with Simply visit our site and select the package(s) that work for you. I recommend any of the following options:

Bison Burgers & Hot Dogs
BBQ Bison Meat (pre-cooked)
Gourmet Bison Franks
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