We have reached a time in our world where you as a consumer have more options and information available to you than ever before. With the freedom of the internet, you have the option to research products before you buy them as thoroughly as you want. You can read reviews, learn where a product is made, how it’s made and often, even about the people behind the business, all before you ever decide to make a purchase.

And I think that’s great! Especially when it comes to the food you are feeding yourself and your family.

With all the options available to you for putting food on your table, it’s important to know where your food comes from and how it is raised. It’s also important to know about the people behind the operation so that you know you are buying real, good food, from real, honest farmers.

I believe that you deserve to know as much as you can about the people raising our bison meat and the land that our animals are raised on. That is why we try and be as transparent as possible and provide you with a plethora of information and photos throughout the articles on this blog, the pages of our website and or social media accounts. It is important to us that you feel comfortable in your decision when you decide to make us your bison meat provider.

Why should you buy your meat directly from real farmers?

If you’re like many Americans, meat can be a big part of your diet. And I’m a firm believer that you should know and make conscious decisions about what you’re putting in your body. There are a lot of things you can consider when you’re thinking about what kind of meat to buy, including things like the nutritional benefits and the type of cut you want, but do you also consider how the meat was raised and produced? You should!

Randy Miller, owner of NebraskaBison.com with his herd of bison.

When you buy meat straight from the actual farmer or rancher (whether it be through a high quality grocer, farmers market or the rancher’s online store), there are quite a few benefits to you and to the community.

1. You’re buying direct from a farmer and their family. By buying from the farmer, you’re most likely to be getting a fair price and good value, and most of your money goes directly back into the farm operation. The more steps the product goes through to get to you, the higher the price gets and the less of that money goes back to the farm.

Buying from the farmer is the best way to support ranchers and their local communities, allowing them to continue running their farm in the way that is best for their animals and their products, without having to make sacrifices to make larger corporations happy.

2. Responsible ranchers (and particularly bison ranchers) are very concerned about sustainability and preserving the species upon which they make their living. The demand for bison still currently outweighs the supply. Bison ranchers from all over North America meet every year to discuss things like sustainability, recruiting new bison ranchers and growing the herds over the long-term.

The American Bison is making a comeback, largely because of the ranchers who have worked hard over the past few decades to ensure that bison will be here, and growing in numbers, for many years to come. Ranchers know best how to manage their inventories, prices and numbers so that they can do what’s best for the growth of their herd, so that we can keep these animals around and their population growing.

3. A good farmer cares about their business, their land, their animals and their customers. On small, family farms, the land and animals are often treated with a higher level of respect and dignity. The land is used in a way that will make it sustainable for years to come and customers are appreciated for the part they play in preserving the family business.



Randy and Jane Miller, the owners of NebraskaBison.com, exemplify these three points in the way they run their business and in those they choose to work with. We sell NebraskaBison.com branded meat only to local grocers with high end meat counters, directly to conscious consumers like you, through NebraskaBison.com, and seasonally at our local farmers markets. Everything we do in our business has our customer’s happiness – you, not some large chain or conglomeration of grocery stores – in mind.

In our business, this includes the fact that our bison are raised humanely and ethically, minimally handled throughout most of their life, free to roam on the ranch and graze as a herd. We do not inject the bison with any growth hormones or steroids, leaving our bison raised all natural.

Please continue to browse our sites and read our articles. We’re happy to share with you more about who we are and what we do so that you can be confident in your choice of responsibly rand raised bison meat.