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Top 10 Bison Recipes of 2015

As we get ready to head into 2016, I thought it would be fun to look back over the past year at our most popular recipes of 2015. We get a lot of traffic through to our Bison recipe collection each day. So here they are: the most viewed recipes of the past year!

10. Bison Lasagna
I love this delicious and simple lasagna recipe. When I have some on hand, I even add spinach to my layers which you can't taste, but adds some extra nutrients. View Bison Lasagna Recipe.

How to cook Bison Meat | A collection of Bison Cooking Videos to kick off 2016!

Some of the most common questions I get asked in the day to day of my work with bison are questions related to cooking. By the time people are ready to buy, they likely already know that bison is a very lean meat, and thus, it requires special care when cooking to get the optimum flavor and tenderness from your meat.

While it is important to take a little extra care when cooking bison (especially the first few times), it really isn't any harder than cooking any other meat. We recommend low and slow cooking methods, but other than that, you can really use bison in any meat recipe you already love. Plus -- because bison is so lean, you won't have as much shrinkage during cooking as you would with fattier meat choices.

The good news is, if you are nervous about taking the plunge into cooking bison, we have lots of bison recipes and tips available on our website and our Instagram page is full of photos from my very own kitchen, showcasing real meals I've made using bison to h…

Health Benefits of Bison Bone Broth

More and more you may start to see pictures of "bone broths" popping up on your Facebook and Instagram feeds or maybe you're starting to hear people talk about this new health food trend.

Bone Broth is made by boiling high quality animal bones (bison, beef, chicken, etc.) in water with vegetables, herbs and a bit of apple cider vinegar for hours/days until you have pulled the nutrients out from the bones leaving you with a delicious and nutritious broth.

While one good use for this is to use in cooking and making soups, many people are even drinking a warm cup of bone broth by itself as breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up. While not a lot of clinical research has been done on the subject, many adopters are reporting relief from digestive issues and skin problems when adding bone broth to their diet. (Source: Huffington Post article.)

Quality bones (like our bison soup bones) are full of calcium and collagen (which turns to gelatin when you cook it). "Gelatin is lo…

4 Reasons to Shop Bison for Christmas Gifts!

1. We make shopping easy. With  price points for every budget, we can help you send a gift at the price you want with incredible convenience. Just shop online to find the product you want - give us your billing address and the shipping address for your recipient and we'll make sure they get a package on their doorstep from you!

Last chance to order for delivery in time for Christmas is Sunday, Dec. 20th, however, we recommend placing your order by Monday, Dec. 14th.

2. Bison Meat is lean and responsibly raised. Bison steaks are high in protein and nutrients, but low in fat, calories, cholesterol and sodium. They are raised without hormones, steroids and antibiotics and are humanely raised.

3. There are lots of unique and great choices. We work to make lots of delicious products using only bison meat, leaving you lots of choices to choose from. While the Bison Filet Mignon remains an incredibly popular gift item, we also offer things like Bison Summer Sausage, Bison Jerky and Bison…

How to Make Bison Bone Broth


Choosing the Right Bison Steak for You

You may be noticing Bison Steaks are becoming more and more popular. Maybe you see them popping up in your friends pictures on social media sites or see them offered at your favorite restaurants and local grocery store or farmers market. Maybe you've just started to hear about bison meat through the grapevine and are exploring all the different options and benefits for yourself.

Here at, we are selling steaks like crazy! The popularity of bison has moved far past ordering a bison burger while at Yellowstone or in a novelty restaurant, to a real lifestyle change for many people who are taking a hard look at what they are eating and have made the decision to make more healthful choices.

Bison steak has become a big part of that movement as more and more people are finding it to be a great lean protein and a good way to keep red meat in their diets. When you take a look at the numbers, you'll see that bison steak is high in protein and iron and low in fat, calo…

Bison Meat Gift Ideas & Packages

Do you know someone who would love a gift pack from this holiday season? We have lots of items and packages available for all different budgets. Find some of our most popular holiday gifts and packages below.If you want to order early, but have it shipped closer to Christmas, leave a note in your order or give us a call at 888-665-8757 to arrange shipping details.

Celebrate National Sandwich Day with a bit of Bison!

It's so easy (and delicious!) to create a bison sandwich... here are a few of our favorites:

Bison Pastrami Panini
A delicious combination of flavors, starring the Bison Pastrami and coupling it with avocado, peppers, onion and spinach.

Pulled BBQ Bison Sandwiches
Slow cooked Bison Roast, slathered in BBQ sauce, pulled and served up on a bun.

Bison Steak Panini
Tender, flavorful steak matched with peppers and more for a delicious hot sandwich.

Nebraska Bison Stuffers
A unique, Nebraska spin on a sandwich: seasoned bison cooked inside delicious homemade dough.

Bison Reuben
A bison twist to a classic sandwich. + Yummly = A Delicious Match!

We are pleased to announce, that we have joined the giant recipe sharing site: Yummly! You can now find our recipes through the Yummly search engine, as well as save our recipes to your own recipe box and collections on the app/site. All you have to do is click the orange Yum button on any one of our recipe pages - and it will automatically add to your collection of recipes on Yummly. Which is great, because then you can easily find all your favorite recipes!

Yummly makes curating and searching for recipes a cinch! All you have to do (once you join) is search based on ingredients you have or want to use -- recipes from all over the world will start populating in the results and you can find tons of new recipes to try. Plus, if you update your "taste preferences" with things like food allergens, diet restrictions or favorite cuisines, Yummly will recommend recipes that it thinks you will like.

Overall, we think this is a pretty stellar site/app and we are excited to add our r…

12 Recipes for Cooking Bison Meat Inside | Non-Grilling Bison Recipes

Enjoying bison meat doesn't have to be a special treat just reserved for the warm, grilling months. In fact, I find some of my best and favorite bison meals come from the dishes I cook up inside!

Bison meat is such a great protein source -- low in fat, calories and cholesterol, while high in protein, iron and other nutrients -- making it a great choice to be a year round staple in any health-conscious diet.

Want the proof? Just check out this handy nutritional comparisons chart to see how bison stacks up against other popular meat choices:

No, bison is a great meat that is actually incredibly versatile and can be used in any recipe calling for meat. There are so many great meals that you can make with bison. This post will hopefully give you some ideas for delicious meal ideas that don't require a grill, whether you are looking to enjoy bison in the cold, winter months, or are just looking for a little variety. I've also compiled this group of recipes to include a variety…

Bison Summer Sausage: a great Christmas gift for your favorite Foodie

If you have a "foodie" on your shopping list this Christmas -- someone who constantly posts pictures of all the great food they eat, someone who talks about all the new foods they like to try -- or really, if you just know someone who really likes meat, sit back and relax. We've got this.

Our Bison Summer Sausage, released earlier this spring, is a perfect gift for food lovers this season. With great taste and tenderness - and two delicious flavors - we are certain that carnivores across the country will be delighted when this package arrives on their doorstep.

Bison Filet Mignon: our most popular gift for Steak Lovers, Foodies and Health Food Enthusiasts this Christmas

Shopping for gifts can be successful and time consuming.

Or, it can be easy and quick.

If you know someone who meets any of the following categories, we may just be able to take some of that stress away for you with our naturally raised bison meat products.

Do you have someone to shop for who:
loves food?considers themselves a "foodie"?loves meat or steak?takes great care to eat healthy?enjoys trying new foods?already enjoys bison meat?
If you have someone to shop for who meets any of the criteria above, they will love this gift idea!

Our Fall Collection is full of delicious Bison Meats!

Can you believe it's already fall? I sure can't... but we're already several weeks into football season and spending evenings poolside feel like forever ago. It is certainly fall!

I love the fall season, and all the delicious foods that come with it. Food like chili, roast, my Nebraska Bison Stuffers... pretty much anything that takes all day to make or cook, I guess.

Each season around this time, I like to put together some special offers with bison meat selections that will make for excellent fall meals. I call it our "Fall Favorites" collection.

5 tips for making a Perfect Cheeseburger | National Cheeseburger Day

Today is National Cheeseburger Day --- a full day to celebrate one of my all time favorite foods! So I thought this would be a great time to write up a little post with some suggestions for crafting a delicious cheeseburger at home.

Below are my 5 cheeseburger tips as well as several snapshots from our Instagram feed of my own bison cheeseburgers!

{ video } How to Cook your Bison Steak (stove top recipe)

If you have wanted to try a bison steak, but have heard you need to cook it with extra care and that makes you nervous...

Or, if you've had a delicious bison steak but aren't sure how to cook it for yourself...

Or, if you've had a bison steak but you thought it tasted tough, chewy, or gamey...

This video is for you!

This 12 minute video shows the entire cooking process of one Bison NY Strip Steak -- all the way from prepping the pan to removing the steak, with no cuts in footage.

Orphaned Calves Update -- Missouri Ranch

I spent the past week down at the Missouri Ranch southeast of Springfield. I always like to come down here at least once a year, as it's a nice little get away. I was really excited to come this summer though, because I knew that Jane had two orphaned bison bottle calves she was caring for and I couldn't wait to see little bison calves so up close!

Every now and again, a mom will not be able to care for her calf. Sometimes the mom doesn't realize the calf is hers, sometimes when there's twins, the mom doesn't realize a second calf is hers, and sometimes the calves get sick. So, there are times when you end up with an orphaned calf. Jane's had them in the past, but usually isn't able to get them to bottle feed, which is imperative for bison calves, so that they can get all the nutrients they need to survive.

This spring however, Jane ended up with two calves, both of which she was successfully able to save. Both of the calves seem to be doing great, strong …

{{ video }} Spotlight on our Gourmet Bison Franks

We love our Bison Hot Dogs... and it seems lots of other people do too! In this video we take some time to show them off and talk a little more in depth about these hot dogs made from 100% bison meat!

{{ Video }} Why I Eat Bison Meat

As part of an effort to help you get to know the people behind a little better, I've put together this short video introducing myself and explaining my decision to eat bison meat, making it a large part of my lifestyle and diet.

All of us at (all 3 of us - Randy, Jane and myself) all pride ourselves on our work, our product and the company we've created. I hope this video, and the others that help show the faces behind the company will help you to get to know us and our mission a little better.

After all, we want you to know as much as possible about where you're food is coming from and the people behind that. We think that's important. Getting to talk to our customers face to face is one thing that we really enjoy about doing things like Farmers Markets, but something that is quite a bit trickier when it comes to our online sales.

So I want you to know that we are accessible. We try to be as open and helpful as possible through thi…

A Company Update...

Lots of exciting things have been going on at for quite some time which we would like to fill you in on. We've spent months and months talking about and working on product presentation and packaging. We know bison is a superior product and we feel the presentation of the order you receive should reflect that. This has led us to quite a prolonged period of "transition" as we've tried to come up with the best way to process and package our products for you.

Which brings us to 2 changes you may start noticing: 1. Going forward, our bison will be USDA inspected in a state of the art facility, and 2. We'll have some changes to our product packaging.

7 More Delicious Recipes for Cooking Ground Bison Meat

After seeing the wild popularity of our original post, 12 Great Recipes for Cooking Ground Bison Meat, which I wrote back in 2013, I decided it was probably time for a part two, bringing together a post of 7 more delicious ground bison recipes.

So here it goes... 7 more recipes all using our deliciously lean ground bison burger. Enjoy! Scroll down to the end of the post to purchase ground bison.

Get the most out of your order with our 2015 Bison Package Offers!

We're pleased to announce that we've updated our package offerings and added a few new ones as we look forward to spring and grilling season! (For us Midwesterners, it's coming soon... I promise!)

Several of our packages have new, lower prices. And nearly all of them will ship for just $15. We do our best to create packages that will appeal to our customer base and which provide a variety of options at a great discounted price. You'll find below bulk discount specials, packages that incorporate several different items and packages for those of you who really LOVE bison steak!

And if there's a combination of products you want to try that you don't see listed in our current package offerings -- tell us in the comments! We just may be able to help you out.

Introducing Bison Summer Sausage: Two New Flavors!

Here at, we love announcing new products!  We are always looking for ways to improve our service and experience for our customers, and we think we've done just that with our newest product offering: Bison Summer Sausage!

This new product was inspired by our desire to add another fully cooked product to our menu of products - particularly for our customers at our local farmers' markets. Working with our processor, we've found two flavors for our Bison Summer Sausage which we really think you are going to enjoy.

Our Jalapeno & Cheddar Bison Summer Sausage adds a little bit of a kick to our delicious bison meat. The spiciness of this summer sausage does not overpower the flavor, but serves to complement it. We anticipate this will quickly become a customer favorite!

Our Original flavor Bison Summer Sausage really highlights the delicious flavor of bison. It's light on seasoning and other flavors to really let the flavor of bison shine through.

But …

3 great ways to enjoy bison in the cold, winter weather...

Around here, it's been cold!
And from the sound of it, it's been cold(er) throughout most of the country.

The good news is, we've got some great bison products that are perfect for colder weather, when you can't grill and just want some cozy comfort food!

Bison Rump Roasts – This is the perfect slow cooked meal! Cook it low for several hours with some vegetables and you've got all you need for a delicious meal in the evening. Plus any leftovers are great in a wide array of possibilities! 1 [2.5 lb.] roast - $35.

Bison Pastrami – If you haven't tried our Bison Pastrami on a Reuben... you've been missing out! Not a fan of Reubens? That's OK. This Bison Pastrami (corned bison) is pre-cooked and sliced, ready to go on any sandwich or wrap. It has great flavor and has been known to be enjoyed by those who say they don't like corned beef. 2 lbs. - $30.

Gourmet Bison Franks – You may think of hot dogs as synonymous with summer and BBQs, but these …

4 bison recipes to kick off a leaner, healthier 2015!

As we look forward to another year, we often find ourselves reflecting, and thinking about how we can better ourselves over the new year. Oftentimes, we set goals with good intentions, but find them too hard to keep and sink back into our old ways. This year... let's change that!

Bison is a lean meat, low in fat, calories and cholesterol and high in protein, iron and other nutrients. Bison are raised without hormones, antibiotics and steroids and without added chemicals. And the best news about bison meat... it tastes delicious, making it a delicious way to keep your resolution of eating healthier!

Bison is easy to incorporate into your mealtimes, in fact, bison comes in the same cuts as beef, and can be prepared in many of the same ways --- as long as you remember that low and slow is the key.

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