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3 great ways to enjoy bison in the cold, winter weather...

Around here, it's been cold!
And from the sound of it, it's been cold(er) throughout most of the country.

The good news is, we've got some great bison products that are perfect for colder weather, when you can't grill and just want some cozy comfort food!

Bison Rump Roasts – This is the perfect slow cooked meal! Cook it low for several hours with some vegetables and you've got all you need for a delicious meal in the evening. Plus any leftovers are great in a wide array of possibilities! 1 [2.5 lb.] roast - $35.

Bison Pastrami – If you haven't tried our Bison Pastrami on a Reuben... you've been missing out! Not a fan of Reubens? That's OK. This Bison Pastrami (corned bison) is pre-cooked and sliced, ready to go on any sandwich or wrap. It has great flavor and has been known to be enjoyed by those who say they don't like corned beef. 2 lbs. - $30.

Gourmet Bison Franks – You may think of hot dogs as synonymous with summer and BBQs, but these …

4 bison recipes to kick off a leaner, healthier 2015!

As we look forward to another year, we often find ourselves reflecting, and thinking about how we can better ourselves over the new year. Oftentimes, we set goals with good intentions, but find them too hard to keep and sink back into our old ways. This year... let's change that!

Bison is a lean meat, low in fat, calories and cholesterol and high in protein, iron and other nutrients. Bison are raised without hormones, antibiotics and steroids and without added chemicals. And the best news about bison meat... it tastes delicious, making it a delicious way to keep your resolution of eating healthier!

Bison is easy to incorporate into your mealtimes, in fact, bison comes in the same cuts as beef, and can be prepared in many of the same ways --- as long as you remember that low and slow is the key.

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