Lots of exciting things have been going on at NebraskaBison.com for quite some time which we would like to fill you in on. We’ve spent months and months talking about and working on product presentation and packaging. We know bison is a superior product and we feel the presentation of the order you receive should reflect that. This has led us to quite a prolonged period of “transition” as we’ve tried to come up with the best way to process and package our products for you.

Which brings us to 2 changes you may start noticing: 1. Going forward, our bison will be USDA inspected in a state of the art facility, and 2. We’ll have some changes to our product packaging.

Our new processing plant allows us a greater amount of quality control. You may start noticing our product looks a little more red in the packaging. This is how it’s supposed to be. Our new processing facility is able to move the product through the line more quickly, exposing the meat to less oxygen which is what can take away some of the red color in the packaging. This facility allows us to process under USDA inspection, something which is not required for bison and is thus harder to acquire. (Previously, we’ve processed under state inspection in a USDA approved facility.) Furthermore, our new processing plant has taken the steps to receive SQF certification, an internationally recognized food safety certification which is unmatched in this industry.

Please keep in mind you may not see changes immediately as we are phasing them in. In the spirit of transparency, we simply wanted to let you know up front about the changes you will start to see. We are doing all of this so that we can stay at the top of the game in quality – from the way your meat looks and is presented to you, down to the way it tastes! We think these changes will only improve your experience.

We are grateful for all the customer feedback we have received leading up to this point which all have been taken into consideration as we work towards bringing you the best bison experience we can. Thank you for your continued business and we look forward to continue serving you deliciuos bison meat in the years to come!

– Randy, Jane & Stacy