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Orphaned Calves Update -- Missouri Ranch

I spent the past week down at the Missouri Ranch southeast of Springfield. I always like to come down here at least once a year, as it's a nice little get away. I was really excited to come this summer though, because I knew that Jane had two orphaned bison bottle calves she was caring for and I couldn't wait to see little bison calves so up close!

Every now and again, a mom will not be able to care for her calf. Sometimes the mom doesn't realize the calf is hers, sometimes when there's twins, the mom doesn't realize a second calf is hers, and sometimes the calves get sick. So, there are times when you end up with an orphaned calf. Jane's had them in the past, but usually isn't able to get them to bottle feed, which is imperative for bison calves, so that they can get all the nutrients they need to survive.

This spring however, Jane ended up with two calves, both of which she was successfully able to save. Both of the calves seem to be doing great, strong …

{{ video }} Spotlight on our Gourmet Bison Franks

We love our Bison Hot Dogs... and it seems lots of other people do too! In this video we take some time to show them off and talk a little more in depth about these hot dogs made from 100% bison meat!

{{ Video }} Why I Eat Bison Meat

As part of an effort to help you get to know the people behind a little better, I've put together this short video introducing myself and explaining my decision to eat bison meat, making it a large part of my lifestyle and diet.

All of us at (all 3 of us - Randy, Jane and myself) all pride ourselves on our work, our product and the company we've created. I hope this video, and the others that help show the faces behind the company will help you to get to know us and our mission a little better.

After all, we want you to know as much as possible about where you're food is coming from and the people behind that. We think that's important. Getting to talk to our customers face to face is one thing that we really enjoy about doing things like Farmers Markets, but something that is quite a bit trickier when it comes to our online sales.

So I want you to know that we are accessible. We try to be as open and helpful as possible through thi…

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