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5 tips for making a Perfect Cheeseburger | National Cheeseburger Day

Today is National Cheeseburger Day --- a full day to celebrate one of my all time favorite foods! So I thought this would be a great time to write up a little post with some suggestions for crafting a delicious cheeseburger at home.

Below are my 5 cheeseburger tips as well as several snapshots from our Instagram feed of my own bison cheeseburgers!


1. Start with quality meat.

If you're using bison meat, you've already got this one down! Obviously, if you want to make a really good burger, the meat is the most important part of that. Use a good quality meat with rich flavor such as bison. And be sure to cook it right - don't ruin your burger right off the bat by over cooking the meat or over seasoning it.

If you're using bison - stay light on the seasoning and keep it to medium doneness, leave some pink in there. Trust me!

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2. Select the right cheese.

When it comes to making an awesome cheeseburger, you shouldn't feel like you need to stick to the basics and just throw on a standard slice of cheddar cheese.

No way! There are so many options for how you can top your next burger, and it all just depends on what you're in the modd for. If you want to add a particularly strong flavor to your burger, you might consider something like blue cheese crumbles. Or maybe you want to add a little spice with pepperjack or habanero cheddar.

Heck, when the situation called for it, I even used cream cheese on a burger before. (You can read about this in my "Spicy Island Bison Burger" blog post.)

My point is, feel free to experiment with cheese. You can build your entire burger plan (toppings/bun/etc.) around the cheese you want to use if you're feeling adventurous or in the mood for something in particular. Finding new ways to top your burger can be quite enjoyable -- and this is coming from a very cautious, keep it simple eater!

3. Choose toppings with care.

If you've followed my first two pieces of advice, you've already got some great meat and some great cheese. The next item on the checklist is toppings.

Don't just squirt on some ketchup and mustard and toss on a couple pickle slices and call it good. That does not make the perfect cheeseburger! You've given some thought to your meat and some consideration to your cheese. Now, I recommend considering what toppings will complement those flavors.

You might think outside the box a little bit and consider things like avocado slices, jalapeno slices or sauteed mushrooms. For a list of 39 topping suggestions, click here.

4. Give your burger the base / bun it deserves.

Finally, we're to the final part... the base, and there's no room for slacking here! You didn't come this far, creating the perfectly cooked quality meat with a perfect combination of cheese and toppings to place your burger on some cheap, flimsy grocery store buns. Please! Don't do it!

Find a nice, sturdy bun, large enough to hold your burger and its toppings.

Or, if you're not into carbs, I'll look the other way while you place your cheeseburger on a bed of quality lettuce or spinach. :) I've even seen people who choose to make things like "sweet potato buns" which is a clever solution too.

5. Don't forget about the side!

Ah, I said in the last point the bun was the final part, but I lied!

Sure we always think of "burgers and fries", but don't limit yourself to just that. You've spent some time crafting the perfect cheeseburger, give a little thought as to what side will set it off just right. There are so many enjoyable sides to add to your next burger -- and if you've taken the care to prepare yourself a lean bison burger, why not consider putting some fresh vegetables or some other quality complement on the side?

Some of my favorite bison burger sides are: baked sweet potato fries, broccoli and corn on the cob! (I am a Nebraska girl after all, and it just isn't summer without eating as much sweet corn as I can get my hands on!)

These are my 5 tips, and if you follow them, I have no doubt you'll end up with a delicious cheeseburger.

I've collected some of my recent cheeseburger photos from Instagram on the left-hand side for your inspiration and enjoyment! I'd love to see the cheeseburgers you make. Tag us on Instagram: @NebraskaBison.

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