Shopping for gifts can be successful and time consuming.

Or, it can be easy and quick.

If you know someone who meets any of the following categories, we may just be able to take some of that stress away for you with our naturally raised bison meat products.

Do you have someone to shop for who:

  • loves food?
  • considers themselves a “foodie”?
  • loves meat or steak?
  • takes great care to eat healthy?
  • enjoys trying new foods?
  • already enjoys bison meat?
If you have someone to shop for who meets any of the criteria above, they will love this gift idea!

The Bison Filet Mignon: a popular gift item

The Bison Filet Mignon is our number one gift item for a reason. It is incredibly lean, has amazing tenderness and wonderful flavor. And since it’s such a prime cut of steak, it’s not necessarily something that people always buy for themselves — making it the perfect opportunity for gift giving!

Since Day One, this delectable steak has outsold nearly every other product we have available. People who try it once keep coming back for it and people who are looking for a perfect gift send it year round.

A few facts about the Bison Filet Mignon

– Each 6 oz. Filet has only 3g of total fat and 180 calories.
– Each 6 oz. Filet has 38g of protein.
– The Filet can be grilled or seared, and tastes best when cooked to medium rare.
– We sell Filet Mignon in cartons of 4 [6 oz.] Filets. This is without question, one of our most popular items, year-round.


The easy part: Shipping & Delivery

Remember how I promised that we could help lessen the stress of shopping for the holidays? Well, the delivery is our job! All you have to do is choose the item(s) you want to send and complete checkout. You’ll be asked to enter the shipping address, and your billing address. We’ll take care of making sure a delicious package arrives at their door from you.

If you want to leave a note on the packing slip – that’s no problem. Just add it to the order notes.

If you want to place your order early and have it arrive closer to Christmas – we can do that too! Again, just add your request to the order notes (on the shopping cart page), or give us a call to set the logistics.

All we ask you to do is let the recipient know they will be receiving a package so that they can make arrangements to be available. After all, these are perishable products and we would hate for them to sit on a doorstep for a couple days waiting.

We ship all orders out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (depending on the delivery location) to arrive the same week it is shipped. Orders are packed in styrofoam coolers with dry ice so that the meat will stay cold during its entire time in transit.

Why choose

At, we work hard every day to ensure we are raising our animals ethically and sustainably, in a way that will result in the highest quality bison products. We keep our animals happy and healthy, allowing them to roam freely and graze on our vast grasslands for most of their lives.

We believe our bison steaks are of the highest quality available and are proud of the meat we produce. We work with incredibly talented and knowledgeable individuals who take great care to cut and package our meat products in a state of the art facility.

We do all of this, because at the end of the day, we believe this is how you hsould feel about our food:

“This is the best filet mignon I have ever tasted. Will definitely make this my #1 choice. Thank you it was delicious.” – Marie S. 

It makes it all worth it when we get this kind of feedback from our customers. You can view the other reviews we’ve received on our website as well. But we know when you order your gifts from this holiday season, your recipient will not be disappointed with our top quality bison steaks!