You may be noticing Bison Steaks are becoming more and more popular. Maybe you see them popping up in your friends pictures on social media sites or see them offered at your favorite restaurants and local grocery store or farmers market. Maybe you’ve just started to hear about bison meat through the grapevine and are exploring all the different options and benefits for yourself.

Here at, we are selling steaks like crazy! The popularity of bison has moved far past ordering a bison burger while at Yellowstone or in a novelty restaurant, to a real lifestyle change for many people who are taking a hard look at what they are eating and have made the decision to make more healthful choices.

Bison steak has become a big part of that movement as more and more people are finding it to be a great lean protein and a good way to keep red meat in their diets. When you take a look at the numbers, you’ll see that bison steak is high in protein and iron and low in fat, calories and cholesterol, especially when compared to their beef counterparts. And on top of that, bison are sustainably raised, naturally, without growth hormones or steroids and freely graze on grasses in open fields for most of their lives.

But like beef, there are lots of choices when it comes to bison steaks and everyone has different preferences. So below, you will find a handy little guide to help you determine which bison steak is best for you, taking into account nutrition, price and key points for each of the six premium steaks we offer at

Bison Flat Iron Steak – 8oz. (top left)

The Bison Flat Iron is a delicious choice in bison! It is noted for its great tenderness and flavor and could be a very versatile choice for steak – being easy to cut up for things like salads, sandwiches, fajitas and more. It is smaller in portion size than most of our other steaks. But if you are looking for a great steak and a great price point, the Flat Iron is certainly a great way to go! Plus… a little known fact is that the Flat Iron Steak was discovered (as weird as that sounds about meat) right here at our very own University of Nebraska. 4 Bison Flat Iron Steaks – $49

  • Great for grilling
  • Perfect 8 oz. portion size
  • 7g fat per steak
  • 48g protein per steak
  • 4 steaks per carton (individually sealed)


Bison Flank Steak – 16 oz. (top right)

The Bison Flank Steak is our largest steak, coming in the 16 oz. size – one full pound of bison steak! While this steak is delicious marinated, grilled and served, it is also a wonderful choice if you are looking for a steak to slice and use as protein in a dish such as: sandwiches, salads, fajitas, etc. The flanks are fairly thin with not a lot of fat which is what makes them so great for slicing. 2 Bison Flank Steaks – $39

  • Great for salads, wraps, fajitas and more
  • Large 16 oz. portion
  • 2g fat per 4 oz. serving, 8g fat per steak
  • 25g protein per 4 oz. serving, 100g protein per steak
  • 2 steaks per carton (individually sealed)


Bison Filet Mignon – 6 oz. (middle left)

The Bison Filet Mignon is far and away our most popular steak. It is the superior steak in just about every category would consider: flavor, tenderness and nutrition! These 6 oz. filets make for truly special and wonderful meals, excellent gifts and are a treat for anyone who loves a great quality steak. 4 Bison Filet Mignon – $79

  • Perfect for special occasions and nice meals
  • Excellent choice for gifts
  • Petite 6 oz. portion
  • 3g fat per steak
  • 38g protein per steak
  • 4 steaks per carton (individually sealed)


Bison Ribeye Steak – 12 oz. (middle right)

The Bison Ribeye Steak has the most marbling of any of our other steaks. The ribeye is known for its flavor and tenderness and the fact that it comes with just a little extra fat. Our 12 oz. bison ribeye is our meatiest choice and is great for those who really love a big, juicy steak! For what it’s worth, the Bison Ribeye is my choice when it comes to picking favorites. 4 Bison Ribeye Steaks – $89

  • Perfect for steak lovers
  • Large 12 oz. portion
  • 8g fat per steak
  • 75g protein per steak
  • More marbling than other selections
  • 4 steaks per carton (individually sealed)

Bison NY Strip Steak – 10 oz. (bottom left)

The Bison NY Strip Steak is always a popular cut – not quite as large as the meaty ribeye and with less marbling. Most of the fat in the NY Strip is contained to the strip of connective tissue along one edge, giving you a good cut of tender lean meat. 4 Bison NY Strips – $75

  • Great for grilling or cast iron skillets
  • 10 oz. portion size
  • 7g fat per steak
  • 61g protein per steak
  • 4 steaks per carton (individually sealed)


Bison Top Sirloin – 10 oz. (bottom right)

The Bison Top Sirloin may be a good choice for you if you are looking for a good value bison steak. The sirloin comes with a bit of a cheaper price point. You may find the Top Sirloin to be a little less tender than our other steaks, but it makes up for it with a delicious bison flavor. The sirloin is a lean, but hearty steak with a lower price point! 4 Bison Top Sirloins – $65

  • Great for Grilling
  • 10 oz. portion size
  • 7g fat per steak
  • 61g protein per steak
  • Strong bison flavor
  • 4 steaks per carton (individually sealed)

And there you have it, my short guide to each of our Bison Steak choices. Hopefully that will start to help you choose which steak is best for you. But don’t worry, if you don’t want to try just one, we offer a few bison steak package deals where you can get two or more cuts of bison steak for a slightly lower price.

No matter which steak you choose, I’m confident you will be impressed with the amazing flavor and tenderness of our premium, high quality steaks. We take great care throughout our entire process to ensure that no one will beat the quality of our steaks.