1. We make shopping easy.

With  price points for every budget, we can help you send a gift at the price you want with incredible convenience. Just shop online to find the product you want – give us your billing address and the shipping address for your recipient and we’ll make sure they get a package on their doorstep from you!

Last chance to order for delivery in time for Christmas is Sunday, Dec. 20th, however, we recommend placing your order by Monday, Dec. 14th.

2. Bison Meat is lean and responsibly raised.

Bison steaks are high in protein and nutrients, but low in fat, calories, cholesterol and sodium. They are raised without hormones, steroids and antibiotics and are humanely raised.

3. There are lots of unique and great choices.

We work to make lots of delicious products using only bison meat, leaving you lots of choices to choose from. While the Bison Filet Mignon remains an incredibly popular gift item, we also offer things like Bison Summer Sausage, Bison Jerky and Bison Roasts.

4. Everybody likes a surprise.

Of course, you’ll want to give them a heads up that a package will be arriving so they know to look out for it since our product is perishable, but it’s always fun getting an unexpected package on your doorstep that you can actually open!

Want to get started? Check out our Bison Meat Gift Giving Guide for gift ideas and suggestions.