Some of the most common questions I get asked in the day to day of my work with bison are questions related to cooking. By the time people are ready to buy, they likely already know that bison is a very lean meat, and thus, it requires special care when cooking to get the optimum flavor and tenderness from your meat.

While it is important to take a little extra care when cooking bison (especially the first few times), it really isn’t any harder than cooking any other meat. We recommend low and slow cooking methods, but other than that, you can really use bison in any meat recipe you already love. Plus — because bison is so lean, you won’t have as much shrinkage during cooking as you would with fattier meat choices.

My Bison Brisket Fajitas shot from our Instagram page.

The good news is, if you are nervous about taking the plunge into cooking bison, we have lots of bison recipes and tips available on our website and our Instagram page is full of photos from my very own kitchen, showcasing real meals I’ve made using bison to help inspire you. And what’s more, YouTube is full of videos ready to help walk you through cooking bison!

So, whether you’ve cooked bison before and are looking to branch out or try some new ideas, or if you are completely new to cooking bison, I’ve compiled a variety of videos that will help you along the way. Some were created by Yours Truly while the rest were created by others who love our bison meat. Either way, I think you’ll be in good hands!

Each of these videos showcases a separate recipe using a variety of our available bison meat options. There are so many ways to add more variety, flavor and lean meat protein to your diet with our tender and tasty bison. I hope these videos will inspire you and your own ideas as well.

Grilled Bison Ribeye Steak Recipe — Smokey Goodness

In this video, Smokey Goodness walks you through grilling our large 12 oz. Bison Ribeye. This is a simple, no frills recipe to get you a delicious and juicy steak with beautiful sear marks. Serve this steak up with your favorite sides and you’ve got yourself an awesome meal!

Bison Lasagna Recipe —

Lasagna is a great comfort food and bison works so well in it. This recipe is easy to follow and leaves you with a wonderfully hearty lasagna. Even better, the lasagna leftovers stay good in the fridge for a couple days and still taste great!


Smoked Bison Brisket Recipe — Smokey Goodness

In this 10 minute video, we get an awesome tutorial on cooking our large 5 lb. Bison Brisket. Using his marinade and slow smoked recipe, Mr. Smokey Goodness ends up with amazing, pull-apart tender meat. There’s certainly no shortage to what you can do with a bison brisket once you have it cooked up. Depending on your serving size and plans, you can perhaps end up with a couple good meals out of this monster chunk of meat.


Unique Bison Hot Dogs Recipe — Smokey Goodness

Smokey Goodness’ Million Dollar Hot Dog recipe starts with our all natural, 100% bison meat hot dogs and adds a unique flavor boost with his topping recipe. This is definitely a video to check out for trying a little something different! Whether you follow his recipe to the tee, or it inspires you to dream up your own unique concoction, we’re certain you will be a winner!

Spicy Bison Nachos Recipe — Smokey Goodness

Nachos may not be your first go-to when you’re looking to use a premium meat like bison. But after you watch this video, you might change your tune. This is perfect for an extra-special lunch, football-watching food or for a snack when company is over. Bison meat (whether you use the stew meat, as he does, or even just Ground Bison) makes an awesome addition to a plate of piled-high nachos.


Bison Steak Fajita Recipe — Smokey Goodness

I’m always a sucker for a delicious Mexican-inspired dish. Steak fajitas, although they look and taste so good, are actually quite easy to make. You can find a video for Steak Fajitas on the YouTube channel as well, but this recipe adds a little extra, and in true Smokey Goodness fashion, does everything on the grill for a wonderful looking result!


Bison Prime Rib Recipe —

This is our most viewed cooking recipe on our own YouTube channel – and it’s one we’ve gotten great feedback on. With the Bison Prime Rib being such a premium cut of meat, cooking it without much guidance could be quite nerve-wracking. Luckily, after years of preparing the Bison Prime Rib for her family each Christmas, Jane has perfected this recipe and offers easy to follow instruction to make sure you end up with a perfectly awesome prime rib.


Bison Chili Recipe —

Everybody loves a good chili. And chances are you may already have a delicious chili recipe that you love. Great news! I’m willing to bet you can substitute bison in as your meat choice in your current recipe and have a lean and delicious chili that you may just enjoy even more!

If you don’t have a recipe, or if you want a little more guidance, I’ve created this video using my very basic chili recipe which should easily get you started. I like my chili simple, but as you know, there are lots of ways to customize chili and make it best for you. Take my starter instructions and add the spices or vegetables you love, add some heat if you like and enjoy a delicious chili with lean ground bison meat.

And there we are: 9 great video walk throughs… all unique and all ready to help inspire you in your own home cooking adventures.

Do you have a favorite, unique or go-to recipe for bison? We’d sure love to hear about it, see a picture, or even better, see your own video! Feel free to share your own bison cooking adventures and experiences in the comments!