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Bison, Grass-Fed Beef & Elk Meats: A Comparison of 3 Lean Proteins

Lean Meat Options for the Conscientious Consumer. Through our work with Good Life Premium Meats and, we have established a commitment to making top quality, naturally raised meats more widely available throughout the United States.
Each of the three meats we now offer: Premium Naturally Raised Elk, 100% Grass-Fed Organic Beef and Premium Naturally Raised Bison are held to the highest standards of quality.
To help introduce you to each of these options, we've highlighted some key points for each of the three meats in this post below. 
NUTRITION Obviously when we're talking about lean and healthy meats and proteins, nutrition is going to be a good place to start. Each of these meats (particularly the Elk and Bison) are of course considered to be among the leanest meats available. However, let's go ahead and take a look at how they compare nutritionally among themselves.
The chart below compares Ground Burger for each of the three meats we car…

The Ultimate Bison Christmas Gift Shopping Guide 2016

Bison Meat Christmas Gifts for 2016 Every year in November and December we stock up on our premium bison meat cuts, because every year, we see a rush on our steaks, roasts jerky and other delicious bison cuts as people start thinking about holiday dinners and Christmas gifts.

We always make sure to publish a Gift Guide / Shopping Guide on our website to help Christmas Shoppers with ideas and deadlines for ordering and I've decided to expand on this year's Gift Guide here as well. As always, if you need assistance placing an order or have questions about any of our products, I am always happy to help you with answers!

Most Popular Item for Gift Giving: Bison Filet Mignon Each year, I find the same item seems to come up as the most popular this time of year – particularly for gift giving – and that is the Bison Filet Mignon. Here's why people love it:
each steak comes in a petite 6 oz. size – 4/box.the filet mignon is a trifecta of flavor, tenderness and leanness.a box of bi…

A Hot Stocking Stuffer for 2016: Foodies, Meat Lovers & Health Food Enthusiasts

The Christmas season is a busy time for us here at Each year we've had our virtual doors open, we've always sent out a large number of orders in the months or November and December. We send out many orders this time of year as gifts on behalf of loved ones who live far away and we send out lots of prime cuts to serve as the main course of Christmas and New Year's dinners across the country – an honor which we do not take lightly.

If you're looking for easy Christmas gift ideas to send, let me quickly point you in the direction of our Gift Guide, which will hopefully help you find what you're looking for within our collection of premium steaks, roasts and oh so much more!

Smoked Bison Jerky – Great for Gifts If you're looking for some smaller ideas for colleagues, employees, friends, stocking stuffers or the like, I'd like to tell you a little more about our popular bison jerky and why it makes such a great gift for meat lovers, foodies a…

Choosing the Main Course for your Holiday Meals

The Big Three: Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Dinners Whatever your traditions are throughout the final months of each year, I think one thing that we all share is that sometime over the months of November and December, we all gather with family or friends for a special meal -- or in some cases, perhaps, many.

In my family, deciding what is on the menu for Christmas dinner is a democratic process. My mom shoots us all an email (usually before any of the rest of us are even thinking Christmas yet) asking what we want for Christmas dinner. It's usually something non-traditional, usually an enormous feast, and always delicious.

Ranch owners, Randy and Jane, have a more solid tradition and each Christmas, they enjoy a Bison Prime Rib among their family.

Whatever your traditions are, if you find yourself in a spot wondering what you'll be serving for a family dinner this holiday season, I've put together a little guide to give you some information and ideas. We have s…

Holiday Parties & Host Gifts - Easy and Unique: Bison Summer Sausage

Summer Sausage is synonymous with holiday get-togethers and parties. It's easy to prepare and it makes great, easy gifts. But did you know that you can up your game with a delicious, all natural and unique kind of summer sausage? That's right! Here at, we've got two tasty flavors of BISON Summer Sausage - and it's now available individually by the 8 oz. roll!

Jalapeno Cheddar Bison Summer Sausage Our Jalapeno Cheddar Bison Summer Sausage adds a little extra flavor and kick to the taste of bison in this sausage. Made up in an 8 oz roll, this sausage has quickly become quite popular among our farmers market following.

Jalapeno / Cheddar Summer Sausage Ingredients: Bison, Cheddar Cheese (Pasteurized Proccessed Cheddar Cheese (Cultured Milk, Salt, Enzymes) Water, Cream, Sodium Phosphates, Salt, Vegetable Color, Enzymes, Powdered Cellulose Potassium Sorbate, Natamycin), Water, Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Jalapeno Flakes, Celery Juice Powder, Lactic Acid Start…

Getting more out of Bison: Spinning Hair into Yarn

Bison Hair: Discovering another way to make the most out of bison ranching. If you've ever been around bison in the spring our summer. You may have noticed something that seemed a little odd: the bison seemingly losing their hair. Although it looks a little bizarre, it is actually quite normal for the American Bison to be shedding hair in the spring and summer months, and here's why:

Each year, bison grow thick, warm winter coats. Living in the harsh climates of the great plains, bison grow these coats to keep them warm throughout the winter snow and winds. In fact, these coats are so thick, that it has been observed that snow can fall onto the bison without even melting from body heat.

However, in the summer months, these coats are no longer needed and so in the spring and summer, you'll find bison shedding these coats. Hair will be attached to fence lines and throughout the fields.

The cool thing is, if you have the time and desire to put in the work, great things can c…

36 things you can do with ground bison meat: recipes, pictures & videos

Whether you have a freezer full of ground bison meat that you're looking for new ideas to use with it, or whether you're new to bison meat, I've got tons of ideas and inspiration for you to get started: 36 ideas to be exact.

Ground Bison Burger is a great substitution in any recipe calling for ground meat. Bison is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than most other meats, while remaining high in protein, iron and other nutrients. In fact, a 4 oz. serving of our 90% lean ground bison has 11g of fat and 200 calories.

If you're finding yourself low on my favorite cooking ingredient, not to worry... it's always available on our site and you can shop for bison meat online 24/7.

Let's start with some Instagram Inspiration: Ground Bison Ideas #1-10
All of the images below come from the Instagram feed where I post actual pictures of my bison meals. A few are re-posts from happy customers and their awesome creations. The bottom li…

Introducing: Good Life Premium Meats -- Elk Meat and Grass-Fed Organic Beef

After spending the last five years working hard to bring customers across the United States the highest quality bison meat products, the team was hungry for another adventure. Good Life Premium Meats is set to launch in summer of 2016, with the goal of providing even more, exceptional quality, low-fat meat options than before.

Our team has forged partnerships with knowledgeable and trusted partners, who, like us, are committed to providing the top quality, responsibly raised meats you are craving. Good Life Premium Meats promises to bring you premium quality meat options that are sustainably sourced and responsibly raised.

Good Life Premium Meats will launch this fall with two new meat options: Premium, Naturally Raised Elk Meat and 100% Grass-Fed Organic Beef, while keeping our eyes on the future and looking for new additional sources that conscientious customers are looking for.

Good Life Premium Meats was born of the goal to make lesser-available, high…

40 Facts About our New National Mammal – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Bison | Plus a Few Adorable Pictures.

40 things you might not know about the American Bison, our new national mammal I was first introduced to the mighty American Bison somewhere around second grade in my elementary school classroom as groups of us kids gathered around the couple (very old-fashioned) Macintosh computers in our classroom in order to play our favorite floppy disk game "The Oregon Trail".

Hunting was everyone's favorite part of this game, and the bison was the prize you always aspired to as it was the biggest and easiest target, yielding your trail party the most food. During the middle of the game, those 200 lbs. the hunting party was able to take to the wagon could be critical in continuing game play.

I learned only a few things about the great American Bison during those game sessions: that the bison always weighed over 2000 lbs. and that these big lumbering beasts made easy targets for hungry hunters. (Turns out both of those aren't really true... but we'll get to that!…

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