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8 reasons why you should start eating bison meat.

There are many reasons why demand for bison meat has been growing steadily this past decade. You may see it popping up more and more in your news sources, grocery stores, restaurants and conversations with other meat loving foodies.

The fact is, bison is gaining it's massive popularity for good reason. As our culture takes harder looks at the foods we are eating, the way we are producing our food supply and our relationship with the planet and the impact we have on it, bison contains pluses in a lot of the right columns.
Those who are looking for a healthier red meat, raised naturally, sustainably and responsibly have found it in bison meat. Although demand is at an all-time high, we work hard to ensure we can bring the highest quality bison meat directly to your door to make bison as accessible as possible.
So, you're probably wanting a little more information. What are all these reasons you should make bison your red meat of choice? 
1. It's Lower in Fat.
Bison is a ver…

Spotlight: Bison Brisket + How to Make 3 recipes from 1 Brisket

We were so excited to introduce the Bison Brisket at the end of the past year as one of the newest additions to our menu of offerings. Prior to its addition, the bison brisket was one of the most often requested items by our customers and after trying it ourselves, we are so happy to introduce this roast to everyone who's been waiting for it!

One of the great things about this bison brisket is its size. We sell our briskets in 5 lb. roasts. But this means you'll get a MINIMUM of 5 lbs. because we are cutting the full (approximately 10 lb.) brisket in half, you may actually end up with a brisket slightly larger than 5 lbs. As of right now, the Bison Brisket is the largest single cut we carry (followed by our delicious 4 lb. Prime Rib Roast).

However, because the brisket is a larger chunk of meat, if you are not feeding a large family, you should be able to get so many extra meals out of this roast, if you so choose.

Due to the awesomeness of my job, I was the lucky one who got…

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