We were so excited to introduce the Bison Brisket at the end of the past year as one of the newest additions to our menu of offerings. Prior to its addition, the bison brisket was one of the most often requested items by our customers and after trying it ourselves, we are so happy to introduce this roast to everyone who’s been waiting for it!

One of the great things about this bison brisket is its size. We sell our briskets in 5 lb. roasts. But this means you’ll get a MINIMUM of 5 lbs. because we are cutting the full (approximately 10 lb.) brisket in half, you may actually end up with a brisket slightly larger than 5 lbs. As of right now, the Bison Brisket is the largest single cut we carry (followed by our delicious 4 lb. Prime Rib Roast).

However, because the brisket is a larger chunk of meat, if you are not feeding a large family, you should be able to get so many extra meals out of this roast, if you so choose.

Due to the awesomeness of my job, I was the lucky one who got a hold of the first Bison Brisket. Of course it was the one to be the “model” brisket, but waiting for my photographer to photograph my dinner so that we can showcase the deliciousness of this product on our site, was a small price to pay for the wonderful meals ahead of me.

Never having cooked a brisket of any kind before, I was quite nervous, wanting to make sure I cooked this one just right, as I had high hopes from the get go of getting a few delicious meals out of it. I did quite a lot of research before settling on my plan of action. Briskets are quite popular for smoking, but as I do not have a smoker, I went for a roasting method, which worked out very well.

Below I will link to all the recipes I ended up creating with my brisket, but to start, here’s the breakdown of what I got out of mine:

  1. The original meal: Brisket & roasted potatoes with gravy. Fed 2 adults.
  2. Fajitas using leftover bison brisket the following day. Fed 4 adults with leftovers.
  3. Hot Bison Sandwiches on the 3rd day using the last of the leftover brisket. Fed 2 adults.

That’s 3 full meals from my one bison brisket. Broken down, that turns into a pretty great value, considering. If I hadn’t been feeding a couple extras when I made the fajitas, I could have even stretched it into 4 meals. I reckon I could have made a pretty killer wrap with the meat!

Meal One: Bison Brisket with Roasted Potatoes and Gravy


The recipe I used for cooking this bison brisket was very straight forward. It roasted in the oven for 6 hours and gave me deliciously tender meat with potatoes and a sweet homemade gravy.

Incidentally, my cooking of this brisket lined up perfectly with my first batch of bone broth made from bison bones. So, I was able to use my homemade bison broth as some of the liquid during the roasting. This was the first time I’ve made gravy after cooking a bison roast and I can honestly say the gravy was amazing. It had a sweet flavor and perfectly topped off this delicious meal!

View Bison Brisket recipe.


Meal Two: Bison Brisket Fajitas


Once I knew that I was going to have leftover bison brisket, I decided right away that I wanted to use my leftovers to make some really good fajitas. After all, I am a sucker for Mexican food. I cannot stress enough how incredibly easy this recipe was to put together – especially since all I was really doing was using the leftover meat and adding in garnishes. But starting with such a tasty meat, the flavor and taste of these fajitas was on point.

View Bison Brisket Fajita recipe.

Meal Three: Hot Bison Brisket Sandwiches


After the Bison Brisket fajitas, I was happy to find there was enough meat left over for one more meal (even having fed four people, and making a little too much with the fajitas). With the remainder of the leftover meat, I made one of my go-to meals for leftover roast meat: Hot Sandwiches. I really love taking a good french bread loaf (or other good quality bread) and a few slices of cheese and meat and making hot sandwiches. The sandwiches I made from my bison brisket did not disappoint.

View Bison Brisket Sandwich recipe.

But wait! There’s even more!

Aside from myself, there was someone else I really wanted to make sure got a sneak peak of the Bison Brisket. Dan, the host of the Smokey Goodness YouTube channel has been a long-time fan of ours and has featured our meat in several of his creative videos. Because he makes such wonderful looking creations, I thought there would be no one better to help us introduce this meat. Plus – being a cut practically made for the smoker, the Bison Brisket was right in his wheelhouse!

So, we sent Mr. Smokey Goodness a brisket and I couldn’t wait to watch what he came up with. Of course, he did not let me down! In fact, he got two meals out of his brisket and made videos for both of them, each of which are posted below:

I highly recommend the Bison Brisket, and to be perfectly honest, I cannot wait to get my hands on another one. Of course, whichever method you choose for cooking (smoking or roasting), you’ll want to be sure to cook it slowly using low, moist heat to get maximum tenderness.

You’ll also notice the Bison Brisket has more fat on it than a lot of our other cuts — this is typical of brisket and since most of it is a thin layer of fat (rather than marbling), most of it cooks off, leaving the brisket so tender.

Want to try the Bison Brisket for yourself?