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Meet Buster: The Bottle Bison Bull Calf of 2016, a Little Ball of Love

Are you ready for your heart to melt? Meet Buster. 

Buster is a bison bull calf who was born on our Southern Missouri ranch this summer, but soon after he was born, his twin came along. Twins are very rare in bison, and usually when a momma bison has twins, she only recognizes one of her calves as hers. 
This leaves the abandoned calf on its own, unable to receive the nutrients it needs from its mother's milk to survive. 
Luckily, since Buster was born first, he was able to get some of the essential nutrients from his mother before the twin came along. This helped immensely in him surviving the first few days after Randy and Jane rescued him. 

Now, Buster gets his milk from bottles, which Jane prepares and feeds to him twice a day.

Buster has a pen, built alongside the barn where he has access to sun, shade, grass and dirt. The pen is built to provide safety for him, so he doesn't wander around the ranch in areas that could be dangerous for him (whether it be predators or wan…

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