Today I’ve got great news for bison meat fans in Nebraska! We’re offering you yet another channel to get your bison meat favorites!

As always, you can of course continue ordering from us online at This is obviously where you will always have the greatest selection of bison meat products to choose from, and can get it without waiting for a certain day or time.

We are still also participating in the Haymarket Farmers Market in Lincoln, and dabbling in some markets in Omaha.

But, if neither of those outlets are exactly what you’re looking for… we’re now proud to say we are officially a part of the Nebraska Food Cooperative: an online, year-round farmers market!

How does the Nebraska Food Cooperative Work?

It’s quite simple. As a member of the co-op, you are eligible to shop from a wide range of food products, much like at a farmers market including meats and produce.

During an order cycle (which open every other Wednesday and end the following Sunday), you can put any items available on the site into your basket.

Once the order cycle closes, each producer gets a notification of what items are purchased and take their items to a local drop off site.

The following Wednesday or Thursday (depending on your location) you then go to an assigned pickup spot to gather each of the items you bought.

It’s quite simple really!

What products can I buy from the Co-op?

We’re starting small by making only a few select, highly popular products available to begin: our Gourmet Bison Franks and our Ground Bison. Once we are able to gauge a little bit more of the demand for our product through this network, we will consider adding more products to the site.

How do I get started?

Visit the Nebraska Food Cooperative website and create an account. There are four membership tiers from which you can select:

  • Voting member: Membership cost is $100 for the first year + $20/year thereafter
  • Non-voting member: Membership cost is $40.00 per year
  • Visitor: For infrequent orders, pay only $6.00 per order
  • Free Trial:€“ Order once for free (you still pay for the food)

The costs of membership help to offset the costs the co-op faces for travel and managing each pick up spot.