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40 Facts About our New National Mammal – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Bison | Plus a Few Adorable Pictures.

40 things you might not know about the American Bison, our new national mammal I was first introduced to the mighty American Bison somewhere around second grade in my elementary school classroom as groups of us kids gathered around the couple (very old-fashioned) Macintosh computers in our classroom in order to play our favorite floppy disk game "The Oregon Trail".

Hunting was everyone's favorite part of this game, and the bison was the prize you always aspired to as it was the biggest and easiest target, yielding your trail party the most food. During the middle of the game, those 200 lbs. the hunting party was able to take to the wagon could be critical in continuing game play.

I learned only a few things about the great American Bison during those game sessions: that the bison always weighed over 2000 lbs. and that these big lumbering beasts made easy targets for hungry hunters. (Turns out both of those aren't really true... but we'll get to that!…

So Many Ways to Buy Bison Meat

Bison Meat (sometimes referred to as 'buffalo' meat) has grown so much in popularity over the past several years. The key for consumers who are looking to add bison meat to their diet, however, is finding a consistent supply of this healthier red meat.

Luckily, there are several places consumers can shop for this lean protein. You just need to know where to look and what you're looking for.

Depending on the cuts you're looking for and the area you live in, you may have few or several options for procuring top quality bison. I've outlined three suggestions below that will hopefully help you in your search for premium, lean bison meats.

1. Shop for Bison Meat Online Shopping online for bison meat gives you the most selection of cuts and options available, and likely the most consistency in supply. Not to mention how easy it is!

Our online bison shop,, ships a wide variety of bison meat cuts all over the United States throughout the year – and we ha…

7 More Recipes for Ground Bison | Bison Burger Month Inspiration

Here's 7 more recipes using Lean Ground Bison you may not have considered. Bison Burger Month is still going strong, and in our quest to get as many people trying our favorite ingredient (Ground Bison!) as we can, we thought we'd share 7 more recipes you may not have thought to try with Ground Bison today!

The great thing about Bison Burger (or ground bison) is that it is extremely versatile and easy to cook with. You can use it as a leaner protein option in any of your favorite ground meat recipes. The only thing you'll want to change is just making an effort to cook it a little lower and slower!

So... here are 7 fun recipes to help take us through to the end of Bison Burger Month!

1. Grilled Bison Pizza Have you tried bison on a pizza yet? Do it! Ground Bison has a slightly sweet flavor which works great on a pizza. Plus, you can feel good about topping a pizza with lean ground bison and vegetables. Talk about a win - win!
View Recipe 2. Bison Enchiladas
This is among on…

Bison Meatball Inspiration: Celebrating Bison Burger Month

Each August, we like to celebrate our favorite ingredient: Ground Bison Burger! I've put together this post to highlight some of my favorite Bison Meatball recipes. Ground Bison makes AMAZING meatballs because the meat already has such good flavor! Each of these recipes will give you a tasty meal highlighting the wonderful flavor of lean ground bison meat.

Savory Oven Roasted Bison Meatballs (Main Image) This recipe, put together by the National Bison Association, is a delicious classic meatball recipe that will go great atop your next plate of spaghetti.

View Recipe

Cheesy, Firecracker Bison Meatballs This recipe takes an easy, classic meatball recipe and adds cheese and crushed red pepper to spice it up! Another great way to top spaghetti or another pasta dish, especially if you love your pasta cheesy!

View Recipe

BBQ Cocktail Bison Meatballs This recipe makes delicious meatballs that are great for serving at parties or when you are looking to have a spread of finger food / coc…

Bison Burger Inspirations: Celebrating Bison Burger Month

Each August, we like to celebrate our favorite ingredient: Ground Bison Burger! I've put together this post to highlight some of my favorite Bison Burger recipes from over the years to serve as inspiration for your own bison burgers!

Although there's never anything wrong with a pinch of salt and pepper and classic burger toppings, particularly with bison which has such a rich, sweet flavor anyway, sometimes it's fun to experiment with other flavor profiles and ingredients.

Spicy Island Bison Burger (Main Image) This awesome Bison Burger combines several delicious flavors including grilled pineapple, cream cheese and jalapeno... an awesome summer burger!

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Spicy Bison Burger Kick up your next burger with jalapenos, onion and pepperjack cheese.

View Recipe

Greek Bison Burger Enjoy the cool taste of Mediterranean flavors atop your burger with this unique recipe combination.

View Recipe

Bison Sloppy Joe When you're looking to try something a little different, a sl…

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