Here’s 7 more recipes using Lean Ground Bison you may not have considered.

Bison Burger Month is still going strong, and in our quest to get as many people trying our favorite ingredient (Ground Bison!) as we can, we thought we’d share 7 more recipes you may not have thought to try with Ground Bison today!

The great thing about Bison Burger (or ground bison) is that it is extremely versatile and easy to cook with. You can use it as a leaner protein option in any of your favorite ground meat recipes. The only thing you’ll want to change is just making an effort to cook it a little lower and slower!

So… here are 7 fun recipes to help take us through to the end of Bison Burger Month!

1. Grilled Bison Pizza

Have you tried bison on a pizza yet? Do it! Ground Bison has a slightly sweet flavor which works great on a pizza. Plus, you can feel good about topping a pizza with lean ground bison and vegetables. Talk about a win – win!

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2. Bison Enchiladas

This is among one of the most popular recipes on our site in terms of traffic. This easy bison enchilada dish is quick to make and delicious to eat! Pair it with garden fresh pico de gallo and guacamole and you have a pretty great meal.

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3. Bison Lasagna

Use our Lasagna recipe or your own, our lean Ground Bison Meat makes a great protein choice in this classic pasta dish.

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4. Broccoli & Bison Won Ton Cups

This fun recipe makes great snackers or lunch options with lean meat and vegetables all packed into one bite.

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5. Bison Chili

While our chili recipe is sure to please, we’re confident that you’ll love the flavor tender ground bison adds to any chili recipe.

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6. Bison Potato Boats

Get a little different take on “meat and potatoes” with these Bison Potato (and Sweet Potato) Boats. This recipe is somewhere between potato skins and twice baked potatoes, adding in a little lean protein to make it a full on meal, if you want!

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7. Bison Cheeseburger Roll Ups

Finally, we have another unique recipe – a new take on the cheeseburger. These roll-ups are great finger foods and so they will work well for parties, appetizers, gameday and snacks while highlighting the great flavor of your favorite meat!

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