Bison Meat (sometimes referred to as ‘buffalo’ meat) has grown so much in popularity over the past several years. The key for consumers who are looking to add bison meat to their diet, however, is finding a consistent supply of this healthier red meat.

Luckily, there are several places consumers can shop for this lean protein. You just need to know where to look and what you’re looking for.

Depending on the cuts you’re looking for and the area you live in, you may have few or several options for procuring top quality bison. I’ve outlined three suggestions below that will hopefully help you in your search for premium, lean bison meats.

1. Shop for Bison Meat Online

Shopping online for bison meat gives you the most selection of cuts and options available, and likely the most consistency in supply. Not to mention how easy it is!

Our online bison shop,, ships a wide variety of bison meat cuts all over the United States throughout the year – and we have over 5 years experience at it and thousands of happy customers.

So, whether you’re looking for a jalapeno/cheddar bison summer sausage, a big bison brisket, a great selection of bison steaks, or even just a steady supply of ground bison, a reputable online shop may be the perfect way to go.

Here’s 5 reasons to should choose

2. Shop for Bison Meat at your local Farmers Market

If you have a local bison farmer in your area, this can also be a great way to get good quality bison meats. At, since we own and operate two bison ranches (one in Nebraska and one in Missouri), we have a presence at three different farmers markets:

Bison is a popular item at Farmers Markets when it’s available. If you have a great local farmers market near you, perhaps you’ll find a local bison farmer!

If you are in the state of Nebraska, we also work with the Nebraska Food Cooperative, an online year-round farmers market which can bring our bison and many other farm raised products straight to your area.

3. Check local health food stores and specialty retailers

Finally, if you’re not looking to purchase online and don’t have any local farmers in your area, bison is starting to make a case for itself in specialty grocery stores and health food stores. So you may have some luck in getting your bison fix there. While ground bison and even some steaks are getting easier to find in stores, you’ll still miss out on the prime cuts and unique offerings that buying farm direct can get you.