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Getting more out of Bison: Spinning Hair into Yarn

Bison Hair: Discovering another way to make the most out of bison ranching. If you've ever been around bison in the spring our summer. You may have noticed something that seemed a little odd: the bison seemingly losing their hair. Although it looks a little bizarre, it is actually quite normal for the American Bison to be shedding hair in the spring and summer months, and here's why:

Each year, bison grow thick, warm winter coats. Living in the harsh climates of the great plains, bison grow these coats to keep them warm throughout the winter snow and winds. In fact, these coats are so thick, that it has been observed that snow can fall onto the bison without even melting from body heat.

However, in the summer months, these coats are no longer needed and so in the spring and summer, you'll find bison shedding these coats. Hair will be attached to fence lines and throughout the fields.

The cool thing is, if you have the time and desire to put in the work, great things can c…

36 things you can do with ground bison meat: recipes, pictures & videos

Whether you have a freezer full of ground bison meat that you're looking for new ideas to use with it, or whether you're new to bison meat, I've got tons of ideas and inspiration for you to get started: 36 ideas to be exact.

Ground Bison Burger is a great substitution in any recipe calling for ground meat. Bison is lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than most other meats, while remaining high in protein, iron and other nutrients. In fact, a 4 oz. serving of our 90% lean ground bison has 11g of fat and 200 calories.

If you're finding yourself low on my favorite cooking ingredient, not to worry... it's always available on our site and you can shop for bison meat online 24/7.

Let's start with some Instagram Inspiration: Ground Bison Ideas #1-10
All of the images below come from the Instagram feed where I post actual pictures of my bison meals. A few are re-posts from happy customers and their awesome creations. The bottom li…

Introducing: Good Life Premium Meats -- Elk Meat and Grass-Fed Organic Beef

After spending the last five years working hard to bring customers across the United States the highest quality bison meat products, the team was hungry for another adventure. Good Life Premium Meats is set to launch in summer of 2016, with the goal of providing even more, exceptional quality, low-fat meat options than before.

Our team has forged partnerships with knowledgeable and trusted partners, who, like us, are committed to providing the top quality, responsibly raised meats you are craving. Good Life Premium Meats promises to bring you premium quality meat options that are sustainably sourced and responsibly raised.

Good Life Premium Meats will launch this fall with two new meat options: Premium, Naturally Raised Elk Meat and 100% Grass-Fed Organic Beef, while keeping our eyes on the future and looking for new additional sources that conscientious customers are looking for.

Good Life Premium Meats was born of the goal to make lesser-available, high…

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