After spending the last five years working hard to bring customers across the United States the highest quality bison meat products, the team was hungry for another adventure. Good Life Premium Meats is set to launch in summer of 2016, with the goal of providing even more, exceptional quality, low-fat meat options than before.

Our team has forged partnerships with knowledgeable and trusted partners, who, like us, are committed to providing the top quality, responsibly raised meats you are craving. Good Life Premium Meats promises to bring you premium quality meat options that are sustainably sourced and responsibly raised.

Good Life Premium Meats will launch this fall with two new meat options: Premium, Naturally Raised Elk Meat and 100% Grass-Fed Organic Beef, while keeping our eyes on the future and looking for new additional sources that conscientious customers are looking for.

Good Life Premium Meats was born of the goal to make lesser-available, high quality meat options more widely available to those looking for healthful meat and protein options.

Naturally Raised Elk Meat

With the rise of e-commerce, we’ve begun to see greater demand for game meats from people looking to enjoy more exotic meat options, without actually having to hunt the animals themselves – whether that’s due to preference or to circumstance.

Elk meat has long been a request of our bison customers, and we are so pleased to finally have a wonderful source to make this option available.

Our Elk Meat is naturally and humanely raised, which means:

  • They do not receive antibiotics
  • No added growth hormones or stimulants
  • They eat a vegetarian diet, with no animal by-products.

100% Grass-Fed Organic Beef

In addition to Premium, Naturally Raised Elk Meat, we are pleased to also be offering 100% Grass-Fed, USDA certified Organic Beef products. All of our beef steaks & meat are raised on certified organic ranches which ensures that both the animals and their home are sustainably and respectfully raised.

The American Grass-fed Association defines grass-fed beef as food products from animals that have only eaten their mother’s milk and fresh grass or grass-type hay from birth.

According to the USDA rules, certified organic beef must come from a fully verifiable production system that collects information on the history of every animal in the program, including breed history, veterinary care and feed. All certified organic cattle must meet the following criteria:

  • Born and raised on certified organic pasture (no synthetic petro-chemical fertilizers, no contaminates in drinking water)
  • Never receive antibiotics (no USDA unapproved health treatments or health aids)
  • Never receive growth-promoting hormones
  • Fed only certified organic grains and grasses (no pesticides,
    herbicides or fertilizers in feed, no genetically altered plant, no bone
    meal, meat byproducts or animal byproducts fed to cattle)
  • Must have unrestricted outdoor access

Our 100% Grass-Fed, Organic cattle have room to roam, grazing natural grasses, rich in healthy vitamins and minerals. Grass-fed Beef results in lower fat, lower calorie beef which is also higher in Omega-3’s which enhance heart health and reduce the risk of several health conditions.

The humane treatment of our grass-fed, organic beef ensures that the cattle live low stress lifestyles, eating a diet naturally suited to their needs. This results in better health for the cattle, providing higher quality meat, and
eliminating the need for antibiotics and other drugs.

The Good Life Promise

Like our bison products, our Grass-Fed Organic Beef and Naturally Raised Elk Meat are butchered and processed in a state of the art facility by a team of knowledgeable and highly skilled individuals who are dedicated to providing exceptional quality meat.

The meat we offer to you will be top quality and exceptionally raised.

Our team is still committed to continuing to provide you with outstanding bison meat products through, but now we are so pleased to be able to expand our menu with even more tasty meat products.

The best part? You’ll be able to order Premium Elk Meat, Grass-Fed Organic Beef and our deliciously natural Bison Meat all in the same order, if you choose. That means one delivery and one low shipping cost, but 3 great meat selections!