The Christmas season is a busy time for us here at Each year we’ve had our virtual doors open, we’ve always sent out a large number of orders in the months or November and December. We send out many orders this time of year as gifts on behalf of loved ones who live far away and we send out lots of prime cuts to serve as the main course of Christmas and New Year’s dinners across the country – an honor which we do not take lightly.

If you’re looking for easy Christmas gift ideas to send, let me quickly point you in the direction of our Gift Guide, which will hopefully help you find what you’re looking for within our collection of premium steaks, roasts and oh so much more!


Smoked Bison Jerky – Great for Gifts

If you’re looking for some smaller ideas for colleagues, employees, friends, stocking stuffers or the like, I’d like to tell you a little more about our popular bison jerky and why it makes such a great gift for meat lovers, foodies and healthy eaters!

Currently, we have two jerky options available: Our Smoked Bison Jerky (chopped & formed) and our Smoked Bison Cowboy Jerky (traditional).

Bison Jerky Gifts – Why the Meat Lover will Love It

Meat Lovers will love our Smoked Bison Jerky products for the great taste! Bison has a strong, beefy flavor, but slightly sweeter. Our delicious smoked recipes highlight the flavor of bison without over powering it and stays light on added salt and sugar. In fact, there’s so little sugar in our recipes that it registers as 0g in the nutrition facts.

Each package of jerky contains 16g of protein (Smoked Bison Jerky) or 26g of protein (Smoked Bison Cowboy Jerky).

Bison Jerky Gifts – Why the Foodies will Love It

Foodies will love the great meaty taste, but I expect they’ll also appreciate a few of the things that make our jerky unique. Bison has a distinctive (slightly sweet) flavor. While bison is growing wildly in popularity, it can still be difficult to track down on a regular basis and is still considered a novelty item. After all, more beef cattle are processed in a single day, then bison are in the entire year. bison jerky recipes are carefully crafted to maximize flavor while containing No MSG and no Added Nitrates. Bison Meat itself appeals to those who appreciate naturally raised foods, as it is illegal to use growth hormones and steroids in bison. Bison are raised free-roaming/grazing on ranches for the majority of their lives.

Plus — it’s low in fat! Just 12g of fat per package in the Smoked Bison Jerky and only 2g of fat in the Smoked Bison Cowboy Jerky!

Bison Jerky Gifts – Why Healthy Eaters will Love It

Bison is one of the healthiest red meats available. It is incredibly lean – low in fat, calories and cholesterol. Part of this is due to the way they are raised, part of it is due to the physical make-up of bison. (They are incredibly muscular, not fatty, animals!)

As mentioned earlier, our Smoked Bison Cowboy Jerky has only 2g of fat in the entire package! Additionally, in this 2 oz. package, there are only 140 calories.

Smoked Bison Jerky vs. Smoked Bison Cowboy Jerky: Which should I choose?

Each of our jerky products are popular and delicious, but they do have a few main differences.

  • Texture: The Smoked Bison Jerky (chopped & formed style) is going to be slightly less tough then the traditional Smoked Bison Cowboy Jerky, which is a whole muscle strip jerky.
  • Flavor: Our Cowboy Style Jerky has a spicier taste and flavor. If you’re looking for an extra kick, this is the way to go!
  • Fat Content: The Chopped & Formed Style jerky is made using a fattier part of the meat. Although still quite lean, it will have a little extra fat content than the Cowboy Style Jerky.

Or… you don’t have to choose! With our Bison Jerky Gift Pack, you get 3 packages of both types!