The Big Three: Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Dinners

Whatever your traditions are throughout the final months of each year, I think one thing that we all share is that sometime over the months of November and December, we all gather with family or friends for a special meal — or in some cases, perhaps, many.

In my family, deciding what is on the menu for Christmas dinner is a democratic process. My mom shoots us all an email (usually before any of the rest of us are even thinking Christmas yet) asking what we want for Christmas dinner. It’s usually something non-traditional, usually an enormous feast, and always delicious.

Ranch owners, Randy and Jane, have a more solid tradition and each Christmas, they enjoy a Bison Prime Rib among their family.

Whatever your traditions are, if you find yourself in a spot wondering what you’ll be serving for a family dinner this holiday season, I’ve put together a little guide to give you some information and ideas. We have some lovely cuts available that are perfect for special occasion dinners and I’ve outlined a few of them below.

Order Early for Less Stress!

Keep in mind we’re recommending placing your order by the following dates for on-time delivery. However, we always recommend ordering early to make sure you get the cuts you want. November and December are busy months for us and we do sometimes run out of some of our most popular items!

Thanksgiving Delivery: Order by Nov. 14, 2016
Christmas Delivery: Order by Dec. 19, 2016
New Years Delivery: Order by Dec. 26, 2016

Bison Tenderloin

This year we’ve brought a new item on-board to our menu, just in time for the holidays! A Whole Bison Tenderloin is the epitome of top quality. This 3.5 lb. tenderloin, can be roasted whole and served as a roast or it can be sliced into tenderloin steaks of your desired thickness.

The tenderloin is incredibly lean with awesome flavor and, of course, amazing tenderness. It will truly be the hit of the meal. However, this item is extremely limited in availability this season and will go fast. If you’re hoping to serve your family our Bison Tenderloin anytime this holiday season, we recommend getting your order in sooner than later!

  • 3.5 lb. roast
  • serve as roast or cut into steaks
  • $185 + shipping
  • View Here.


Bison Prime Rib Roast

The Bison Prime Rib Roast has been an incredibly popular choice among our customers each year we’ve had it available – and for good reason!

This perfectly tender 4 lb. roast is incredibly easy to cook (we even offer an easy video tutorial) and gives you a slice of bison meat with wonderfully delicious flavor. Just check out the reviews on this product page to see how much previous customers have enjoyed it!

  • 4 lb. roast
  • boneless
  • easy to prepare/cook
  • $149 + shipping
  • View Here.


Bison Brisket

If you’re a little put off by the price tags of the Prime Rib and the Whole Tenderloin, (or if you have a bit of a larger party) but are still looking for a lean and tasty roast to serve this winter, the Brisket may just be what you want!

This 5 lb. Brisket should be slow cooked (or smoked) and will give you quite a treat in taste and tenderness. We have a couple of recommendations on cooking the brisket, which you can see here and here.


Other Ideas

Those are the top three most popular “special meal” items we have available. However, if those don’t quite fit the bill for what your family is looking for, we’ve got tons of other options as well (including some options in Elk Meat and Organic, Grass-Fed Beef. Visit our website to shop our full catalog of steaks, roasts, ribs and more to find the perfect meat to headline your holiday dinners!