Bison Meat Christmas Gifts for 2016

Every year in November and December we stock up on our premium bison meat cuts, because every year, we see a rush on our steaks, roasts jerky and other delicious bison cuts as people start thinking about holiday dinners and Christmas gifts.

We always make sure to publish a Gift Guide / Shopping Guide on our website to help Christmas Shoppers with ideas and deadlines for ordering and I’ve decided to expand on this year’s Gift Guide here as well. As always, if you need assistance placing an order or have questions about any of our products, I am always happy to help you with answers!

Most Popular Item for Gift Giving: Bison Filet Mignon

Each year, I find the same item seems to come up as the most popular this time of year – particularly for gift giving – and that is the Bison Filet Mignon. Here’s why people love it:

  • each steak comes in a petite 6 oz. size – 4/box.
  • the filet mignon is a trifecta of flavor, tenderness and leanness.
  • a box of bison filet mignon comes to just under $100 including shipping. Additionally our Ribeyes + Filets Special which features the Bison Filet Mignon as well as Bison Ribeye Steaks, shines as a popular option as well for those who are looking to send a package with more than one cut.

And finally, this year, with the release of our Good Life Premium Meats brand, we are now able to offer an Organic, Grass-Fed Beef Filet Mignon as well. We even offer a Filet Mignon Sampler pack which includes 4 Bison Filet Mignon and 4 Organic Grass-Fed Beef Filet Mignon.

Bison Jerky and Sausages

If you’re looking for smaller gift ideas – something to stick in stockings or something to bring along as a host gift – this section may be for you!

Jerky and Summer Sausage can be ordered by the package, meaning you can add just one to an order if that’s all you need, or you can add any number you like. Unlike our steaks, these do not have to be purchased in a specific quantity.

Here’s why people love our jerky and summer sausages:

  • No MSG
  • No added nitrates or nitrites
  • Easy snacking — no cooking required!
  • Great package sizes: 2 oz. Jerky packages & 8 oz. Summer Sausage rolls
  • Delicious bison taste!

Our Bison Jerky comes in two options: Smoked Bison Jerky (chopped & formed style): less tough/chewy, slightly fattier; or Smoked Bison Cowboy Jerky (whole muscle strip style): spicier flavor, more traditional jerky style.

Our Bison Summer Sausage comes in two flavors as well: Plain / Original and Jalapeno/Cheddar.

More Bison Steaks

If you like the idea of sending someone you love steaks, but are looking for a lower price point, or perhaps want to add a few steaks along with some other great items, I would like to point you in the direction of our Bison Flat Iron Steak.  It is cut from an area near the tenderloin so it is a wonderfully tender and flavorful steak, but with a significantly lower price point. Here’s some bullet points about it:

  • 8 oz. steak size – 4 steaks per box.
  • $59 + shipping
  • 7g fat and 48g protein / steak

We also offer Bison Flank Steaks which come 2/box instead of the usual 4. This can also be a good choice for a steak to send along with other items for more variety.

Apart from the steaks mentioned above, we have lots of other cuts of steaks and steak packages available as well, including:

  • Bison NY Strips
  • Bison Ribeyes
  • Bison Top Sirloin
  • Bone-In Bison Ribeye

You can view our full selection of bison steaks here.

Prime Bison Roasts Bison Prime Rib is exceedingly popular this time of year. This 4 lb. boneless Prime Rib Roast makes an excellent gift or a perfect main course for holiday meals.

Here’s what previous customers have said about our Bison Prime Rib:

  • “This is by far the best cut of meat I have ever had. Compared to Waygu
    Beef and other Prime cuts, this is far superior and better for you. I
    highly recommend following the low and slow cooking method described by
    Nebraska Bison. It produces the best tasting, juiciest, most tender meat
    ever. We have it every Christmas and getting nothing but rave reviews
    from the family. Highly recommend both the Prime Rib and Nebraska Bison.
    Great meat from a great company!” – Mike C.
  • “We ordered one for our Anniversary this past August, and it was VERY
    good. My wife and son had never had Bison steak, so this was the
    perfect introduction. They can’t wait until I surprise them again. Oh,
    and when I called to settle my concerns with shipping such a long way, I
    talked to the nicest people you could ask for. It was packaged
    perfectly and arrived in Florida in “Prime” condition. Yes, I will
    order from them again. This is a 5 Star Product, and a 5 Star Company.” – Charles J. 

If the Prime Rib isn’t quite your style, we also offer Whole Bison Tenderloins, Bison Briskets and Bison Pot Roasts.  

Don’t forget the pups!

We also offer Smoked Bison Femur Bones for Dogs. Be sure to add one into your order for the furry family member!