The New Year is a natural time to reflect and consider goals to make the following year better than the last. If you are among the many pledging to eat healthier or put more consideration into your diet this year, I hope this post will give you some good and tasty meal ideas to help keep you on track.

After all, Bison is an excellent choice of protein for health conscious meat-eaters. Not only is bison much lower in fat than other meats, it is also raised mostly on grass without the use of growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Bison is a clean meat, which you can tell from it’s taste and appearance, and healthy eaters all over the country are falling in love with it’s flavor and tenderness!

So, here’s a quick meal guide with some recipes and meal suggestions to help you kick off 2017 and make it your best one yet!

Greek Bison Steak Salad

This recipe features a delicious salad, loaded with vegetables and dressed lightly with oil. A single bison steak can be sliced and added to this salad and be split between 2-4 people.

Suggested: Serve with toasted french baguette slices or pita bread or a bowl of assorted fruit to round out your meal.

Bison Steak with Penne Pasta & Vegetables

This tasty pasta dish mixes pasta, vegetables and meat all in one dish for a full meal and is easy to prepare leaving you with delicious leftovers or a meal large enough to serve four.

Suggested: Serve with a garden salad and garlic bread or bruschetta.

Bison Steak Fajitas

Steak Fajitas are always a great dish that combine tender vegetables and meat. This recipe uses only lime juice and spices, leaving out a calorie high marinade.

Suggested: Serve with rice and garden salsa.

Bison Vegetable Soup

This tasty soup is surprisingly light and includes a heaping portion of potato, carrots, celery, tomato and onion.

Suggested: Serve with a light garden salad or assorted fruit and bread.

Bison Filet Mignon

The Bison Filet Mignon is a petite 6 oz. portion and is the leanest steak option available. You can make an amazingly delicious bison filet with a pinch of salt and pepper, or other seasonings so that you don’t need to add a bunch of other calories or sodium for great flavor.

Suggested: Serve with steamed vegetables or a garden salad.

Hopefully some of these meal ideas will help you get started keeping your goals towards a healthier lifestyle and diet.