As you can imagine, working for, I get to spend an awful lot of time cooking with bison meat. We provide a lot of recipes and cooking tips through this blog and our website for people who are either new to bison or are looking for new ideas how to cook it. I thought today I would compile a list of  my go-to Bison Recipes for easy, every day cooking.

1. Bison Lasagna

This is one of my favorite recipes – in part because I don’t have a large family and this recipe makes a large lasagna that also makes great leftovers! It’s a (fairly) easy dish to make that requires only a little prep work and then I usually serve it up with a nice salad and/or garlic bread for a full meal.
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2. Bison Pot Roast

Ah, the Bison Pot Roast. If you’ve been following this blog or our social media channels, you may know by now that I LOVE bison roasts. Seriously. So, of course this has to make it onto the list.

I cook my bison pot roast at 225*F in a covered roasting pan with a little bit of water in the bottom for 5-6 hours. When I’m lucky, I’m able to add in some bison bone broth for an even richer flavor and more tasty au jus or gravy when it’s done.

After cooking the Bison Roast, I can then use it for any of a variety of meals:

  • Roast Bison & Potatoes
  • Sandwiches
  • Fajitas/Tacos/Burritos
  • Salad

I even use it for making Pulled BBQ Bison Sandwiches, by slathering it with BBQ sauce before cooking.

3. Cast Iron Skillet – Bison Top Sirloin

Here in Nebraska the grill is shut down for around at least 1/3 of the year. Although I love grilling steaks, in the winter time, I love using my cast iron skillet for my steaks.

Here’s the full post with instructions for cooking the Bison Top Sirloin in the Cast Iron Skillet.

Although a steak dinner may not be an “everyday” occasion, I include it in this post, because I often like to use a single steak to stretch out a larger dinner. After cooking, these can be sliced and used as protein for things like salads or fajitas rather than a full on steak dinner.

4. Bison Burgers

Of course this post would not be complete without including Bison Burgers. Here are some links to my favorite Bison Burger Posts and Recipes:

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5. Bison Chili

Bison Chili has to be one of the easiest meals on this list. And it is so so good in the fall and winter months!

Here’s my video recipe for an easy bison chili:

6. Bison Meatballs

Meatballs. Yes, please! Whether you’re looking to go the spaghetti and meatballs route or a little something else, I have several recipes for meatballs:

7. Bison Enchiladas

And finally, Bison Enchiladas. I make this dish at least once a month, served up with Mexican rice, salsa, chips and guacamole if my grocery store has ripe avocados. My recipe makes these enchiladas both cheesy and saucy.
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