We absolutely love it when our customers review our bison meat (and elk & grass-fed beef) products online – and not just because we enjoy getting compliments! 🙂 We love being able to engage with our customers in this way, to hear how and why they buy our products, how they prepare them, and what they think of them.

Plus, it helps future customers feel more confident in their purchase and helps others know what they may like too.

We thought we’d share some of the reviews that came in from March. You can see a whole page of reviews of our products here to help you decide what you should try next!

Regarding our Bison Burger Patties:

Regarding our Elk Steaks:

Regarding our Bison Filet Mignon:

Thank you so much for your support of our small bison business. We deeply appreciate every referral, review and conversation we have with you, as that’s what helps keep our business alive.

Keep sending in your reviews, we’ll keep reading and sharing them!