For several years now, one of our most popular items that we have available at has been our Gourmet Bison Franks. They are made with 100% bison meat – no other meats are used – and contain no MSG and no added nitrates or nitrites.

For years these Bison Franks have been a favorite of customers across the country, and so we’ve known awhile that a logical next step should be adding additional 100% Bison Sausages to our lineup. And, finally, that day has arrived as I am so pleased to announce the addition of three, yes THREE, new Bison Sausages to our lineup!

Announcing’s Bison Bratwurst, Hot Italian Bison Sausage and Mild Bison Italian Sausage!

100% Bison Sausages – No other meats used.

The thing I love most about our Bison Sausages – aside from the taste! – is what is inside them. A lot of people believe that since bison meat is so lean in order to get a nice juicy sausage, you need to add pork or beef. This is simply not true… and surely defeats the purpose!

Like our Bison Hot Dogs, each of these sausages are made simply of bison meat and seasonings. You won’t find any MSG inside of these, nor will you find added nitrates or nitrites. We know you want a straight forward ingredient list, without a bunch of junk… and that’s what we’re so happy to give to you!

In fact, here are the ingredient lists for each of the new items:

Bison Bratwurst: Bison, Water, Seasoning (Salt, Black Pepper, Mace, Caraway, Marjoram), Corn Starch

Bison Hot Italian Sausage: Bison, Water, Seasoning (Salt, Spices, [Black Pepper, Fennel, Red Pepper], Paprika), Corn Starch

Bison Mild Italian Sausage: Bison, Water, Seasoning (Salt, Spices [Fennel, Black Pepper, Red Pepper], Paprika), Corn Starch

Cooking and Grilling our Bison Sausages

I am so excited for these new sausages and all the different ways I will be able to enjoy them! Each of the sausages are already fully cooked, so in terms of cooking, all you’re really looking to do is heat them up.

Like any great brat, these sausages will be fantastic on the grill, although I am also looking forward to trying the Italian Sausages in some of my favorite pasta dishes as well!

And, of course, this introduction wouldn’t be complete without seeing what our friend Mr. Smokey Goodness has to say about the newest products to the lineup. You can check out his video with the new bison sausages here: