Bison Burgers on Grill

Understandably, one of the first things people wonder when they are learning about or considering bison meat is the taste. While the majority of us in the United States, probably grow up with familiarity with beef, bison meat may be something most people still aren’t super familiar with. So today’s question focuses on this very topic.

Bison Burgers on Grill

What does Bison Burger Taste Like?

Bison Burger tastes a lot like beef. In fact, some people claim they can’t taste a difference between bison and beef, while others claim that bison has the same beefy flavor, but with what is described as a “cleaner” taste.

With your first bison burger, you’ll probably notice that it’s a little bit richer in flavor and that it doesn’t have that grainy texture or taste that beef can sometimes have (something that you’ll really notice once you make the switch to bison and then eat beef again after it’s been awhile.)

Here are a couple actual reviews from our customers:

“Decided to try Bison because of its low fat and cholesterol. Best choice I ever made, will never go back to beef. Price is higher than beef but well worth the taste and health benefits.” – Walter R.

“Ground bison is not only healthier than beef, it’s delicious. Perfect for chili, tacos, meatloaf and burgers.” – Marilyn K.


Bison Burger has generally the same appearance as beef as well. The color is a deeper red, which you’ll particularly notice before the meat has been cooked. But, sitting cooked, atop a bun, you may not even notice a difference. In fact, I’ve had several customers who told me they surprised their family with trying bison for the first time, by not telling them they were eating bison until after the meal. 🙂

Bison Burger

And here’s even more reviews from some our customers that show what they think about the taste of bison burger and other bison products.

Whether you’re planning to use bison burger for burgers on the grill or a ground meat recipe like chili or tacos, you’ll likely find an improvement to the quality once you make the switch to bison.

But they say it’s so lean. Doesn’t it taste tough?

No! That’s the great thing about bison. It has all the flavor and tenderness of really high quality meat, while still remaining lower in fat than most other meats. Bison are incredibly strong and muscular animals. (After all, they have enormous heads they have to support, and they’ve evolved to survive in ruthless North American prairie conditions before Westerners ever got here). All this muscle is what keeps the meat lean, tender and flavorful all at once.

The only thing to keep in mind, is that bison cooks much more quickly due to the lack of fat insulation the meat has. You’ll just need to cook it lower and slower than you would beef, and keep it to medium doneness or less. Cooking it too fast or too done will cause the meat to lose its tenderness.

So how do I get Bison Burger?

Bison Burger (and tons of other bison products) are available online to be easily shipped straight to your door. We actually offer bison burger in 1 lb. blocks or in pre-formed burger patties.

Turns out that with the rising popularity of bison meat, there seems to be a rising number of questions out there about bison. Doing a standard Google search for bison meat, I started to see lots of questions pop up in recommended searches and results.

So, we’re starting this series to hopefully help answer as many questions as we can about bison meat. If you still have questions that aren’t answered, you have lots of options:

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