Bison Ribeye Steak

Great news steak lovers…

The 18 oz. Extra Thick Bison Ribeye Steaks are back in stock!

When we first released a limited run of the Extra Thick Bison Ribeye Steak years ago, it was because we had customers calling us and asking for a steak that was cut over an inch thick. We figured we’d try doing a small run of these 18 oz. bison ribeyes and just see what happened.

Bison Ribeye Steak

The response was incredible. Customers love the tenderness and the flavor that comes with this larger cut and they have gained a devoted following among our customer base.

As often as we can, we re-release these tasty steaks, and each time they fly out of our door and to the homes of steak lovers all over the country. We are so excited to announce they are back in stock yet again – and this time share awesome new photos and video to go along with the announcement!

Bison Ribeye Steak

Cooking Extra Thick Bison Ribeyes

The Extra Thick cut Bison Ribeye should be an amazingly tender and delicious bison steak. It has a little more fat and marbling than pretty much any other bison steak, but you’ll still want to take care while you cook it. I recently cooked one for myself using a cast iron skillet and cooked it with butter and herbs over a medium low setting for about 11 minutes on each side.

See this video below for details:

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