Bison Breakfast Sausage Links

Bison Breakfast Sausage

This announcement has been a LONG time coming. I’ve been so excited for its release, and have been anticipating it for years. Literally years… and finally we were able to collaborate with our excellent butcher team to make it happen…

Bison Breakfast Sausage

Like all of our other bison sausages, this breakfast sausage is made 100% with bison meat and seasoning – no other fats or meats are used. And – it’s available in two forms: 1 oz. Breakfast Sausage Links or a 1 lb. Grind.

Think of all the possibilities for your breakfasts! I know your mornings just got a whole heck of a lot better!

Bison Breakfast Sausage Links

A little about our Bison Breakfast Sausages…

The first thing I want everyone to know is this note about how the sausage is made:

After the first time I cooked with the Bison Sausage, I couldn’t help but notice there was a lot more grease drippings than I was used to with the pork breakfast sausage I was used to. I immediately compared the nutrition labels of the bison vs. the pork sausage and saw that the bison came out favorable in every category. So I was confused as to why there would be more grease drippings, and talked to my butcher about it. Here’s what I learned:

You may notice more grease in your pan when cooking bison breakfast sausage compared to pork sausage. But when you compare the nutrition labels, bison breakfast sausage has less fat. The reason for the extra grease in your pan is due to the different way the fat runs throughout the two types of meat. Typical pork sausage is made from 72% lean pork, while our Bison sausage is made from 80% lean bison.  That would lead you to expect less fat run off with the bison. But with pork, there’s a considerable amount of fat saturated throughout the muscle.  With bison, the actual solid meat areas are extremely lean.  So to achieve a desirable lean / fat for sausage, we depend on the fat in the bison trim.  Because the fat isn’t as “bonded” with the meat as it is with pork, you get a lot of run off during cooking.

Here is some more important information regarding our new Bison Breakfast Sausages:

  • Made without MSG
  • Made without Nitrates / Nitrites
  • No preservatives
  • Available in 1 oz. links or in grind.

Bison Breakfast Sausage Ingredients: Bison, Water, Seasoning (salt, spices, dextrose), Corn Starch, Celery Powder (celery powder, sea salt). Links are made with a collagen casing.

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Bison Breakfast Sausage Burritos

Cooking with Bison Breakfast Sausage

Stay tuned as we get ready to release some delicious recipes using our Ground Bison Breakfast Sausage. I am particularly excited to use it regularly in my Breakfast Burrito and Biscuits and Gravy recipes. What do you imagine you’ll make with this new sausage?

In the mean time, enjoy this great video from our friend Mr. Smokey Goodness:

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